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The Hub is the literature blog for YALSA, the Young Adult Library Services Association. Learn more about the organization on the YALSA website.

The mission of The Hub: Your Connection to Teen Collections is to provide timely information about emerging and new practices for evaluating, selecting and curating materials; raise awareness about appropriate YALSA tools to facilitate innovation in teen collections; and provide resources for members and the library community to support their efforts to continuously improve their teen collection and content curation.

Content is created by librarians and teens, with a particular focus on YALSA’s booklists and book awards. The Hub Member Manager and Advisory Board members regularly review comments on the site to guarantee appropriateness.

YALSA strives to provide timely, unbiased content of interest to the YA literature and library communities.  YALSA bloggers do not receive payment or other forms of compensation from YALSA, authors, publishers or their representatives.  Content on the blog is entirely generated by YALSA bloggers, unless clearly marked otherwise.

Original content on The Hub is governed by a Creative Commons license. Content embedded from other sites will have its own Creative Commons license and specific permission to post on The Hub will be granted by the author or creator.

Policies and Procedures


The mission of The Hub is to provide a one-stop-shop for locating high quality audio, video, and text content related to young adult literature including YALSA lists and awards, book trailers and other book related videos, and best of the best lists.The Hub will also feature quality media for teens, including video games, movies, television shows, music, magazines, and digital content. The Hub will also serve as a source of information on best practices for building teen collections in libraries and curating content for teens.

The Hub Member Manager(s): A manager or co-manager, much like an editor for YALSA’s print journals, is responsible for overall site administration. The manager(s) must be a YALSA member and is paid an annual stipend for his or her services.

Advisory Board: The Advisory Board is made up of YALSA members who demonstrate an interest in and ability to comb the web to find content appropriate for the site, connect with librarians and teens who may be able to provide site content, advise the member manager on how best to collect content for the site, and who can write and post content as needed. The President-Elect will appoint advisory Board members for a two-year term.

Content: Content will be created by librarians and teens and will help to advertise YALSA’s booklists and book awards, book related projects, literacy and reading, and authors. The Hub Member Manager and Advisory Board members will regularly review comments on the site to guarantee appropriateness to the content and audience.

Acceptable Use: The blog is a YALSA-sponsored tool for use within YALSA and for outreach beyond YALSA. Those posting on the blog must check facts, cite sources, present balanced views, acknowledge and correct errors, and check spelling and grammar before making a post live.

Comments: Comments are open to all but may be moderated by The Hub Member Manager and the site’s Advisory Board. Commentary, opinion, and reaction to posts are welcome. Comments should be relevant to the specific post they are attached to. Spam, flaming, personal attacks, and off-topic comments are not permitted. YALSA reserves the right not to post any comment deemed inappropriate.

Pages: Frequently requested information, informational pages, etc. will be placed on blog pages as static information, rather than occasional blog posts.

Blogroll/Links: Links to ALA, YALSA and other ALA-affiliated websites and blogs will be provided. Other links to notable websites or blogs may be added to Links or Blogroll sections if the consensus is that they would be useful to readers.

Copyright: Original content on YA Literature Blog will be governed by a Creative Commons license. Content embedded from other sites will have its own Creative Commons license, and/or specific permission to post on the YA Literature Blog will be granted by the author or creator.

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