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Some Holiday Reading Here at The Hub

Leading up to Thanksgiving we issued a challenge.  We asked all of you Hub readers to send us photos of what you planned to read over the holiday and the response was great! Now that we are even deeper into the holiday season, though, we wanted to recapture that fun without adding to the potential stress of your lives.

So, instead of a new challenge, a few of us decided to get into the spirit of the season and to show you what we are planning to read over the holidays, in hopes of inspiring all of you to remember to take some time for yourselves to relax during the frantic pace of the next few weeks.  May this prompt you to put down the rolls of wrapping paper, to wait an hour before baking the next batch of cookies, and to pack a book or two for that family visit, so that you can fall into a world of your own choosing and lose yourself…if even for only an hour at a time!

Sharon Rawlins: (Who has an ARC of Graduation Day! I may have to beg to borrow it after the New Year…)








Laura Perenic: (With one of my favorite picture books!)

download (3)








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