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Book Review: Jane

When I first spotted Jane in a bookstore, I will admit it:  I was horrified and wanted to cry, maybe got a little teary eyed.  I could tell exactly what it was from the cover (however awesome it was) and could not believe someone had decided to publish a modern version from the story.  As a lit freak, I can get a little annoyed, and even upset, by some modern updates.  But there are some that I can really fall in love with.  After leaving, I couldn’t stop thinking about it.  Would it be good?  Would Jane Eyre fans be interested in this new Jane Moore?  Could the mysterious Rock Star that acts as April Lindner‘s male protagonist live up to the magnificence that is Edward Rochester?

In a word:  YES.

I gave in a couple weeks later and grabbed a copy, unable to hold on to my attempts to maintain my ever faltering “I don’t read published fanfiction” superiority.  And boy, was it worth it. Continue reading Book Review: Jane

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