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Book Review: Knife of Never Letting Go

Is it just me or does life seem a little hollow without another Hunger Games book in the future?  Runners talk about the period after running a marathon as the post-race blues.  The big goal has been reached.  Now what?  I can sympathize.  Since finishing Mockingjay I’ve been suffering post Hunger Games blues.  Runners have lots of ways they try to shake off the blues and get back to training.  My coping mechanism has been to gobble up any post-apocalyptic, dystopian book I can get my hands on.  I haven’t found anything that can compare to the Hunger Games.  Some are just downright silly, but I’ve managed to find a few that are worth the effort.

My favorite that I’ve read recently is The Knife of Never Letting Go by Patrick Ness.  It is the first of the Chaos Walking trilogy.   The final book, Monsters of Men, was just released in September.

Todd Hewitt is the youngest boy(on the cusp of manhood) in Prentisstown, a nightmare of a place where all of the women have died and the thoughts of men and animals are audible as what they refer to as “noise” which is cleverly represented as overlapping text in scratchy, scrawling fonts.  Todd’s faithful companion is his dog, Manchee, who is one of my new favorite characters.  His first dialogue in the book, “Need a poo, Todd.”  Brilliant.  He adds several moments of levity in an otherwise very dark, and bleak book. Continue reading Book Review: Knife of Never Letting Go