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YA Books with a Male Point of View

Looking for books with a male protagonist? Check out the list below.




Nathan is the illegitamate son of the most evil witch in the land and is caged and beaten.  Finally freed from his prison, Nathan sets on a journey to find his father.

Fletcher, an orphan and blacksmith apprentice, has discovered a hidden talent. When he travels to a school for kids like him, Fletcher finds himself in the middle of power hungry forces.

Kaz, a member of the Dregs gang, has scored a big heist but he needs help.  He enlists five others to help him break into the unbreakable Ice Court to steal some precious cargo.

Nic is a slave in Ancient Rome and on a mission to raid Julius Caesar’s tomb, he finds Caeser’s bulla.  After he puts the bulla around his neck, he gains world ending powers that are coveted by the good and the bad.

Jeremy Johnson Johnson lives with his father above their Two Book Bookstore in the little town on Never Better.  He’s smart, shy, and has a ghost for a best friend-Jacob Grimm.  One day, Jeremy meets Ginger, a spunky classmate, and the two of them and Jacob get involved into a bit of trouble. Continue reading YA Books with a Male Point of View

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Booklist: So You Want to Read a Scott Westerfeld Book

Scott Westerfeld is one of the most inventive sci-fi writers writing for teens right now. His book Uglies helped lay the groundwork for the dystopian trend that would take hold in a few years with The Hunger Games. With a new co-authored series in the works, a movie adaptation of Uglies in development, and a new multi-platform middle grade series launch later this year, Scott Westerfeld is definitely an author you should know.

Not sure where to start with so many series, standalones, and sub-genres to choose from? Don’t sweat it, this post has you covered!

If You want a Space Opera:


  • The Risen Empire: Captain Laurent Zai of the Imperial Frigate Lynx is tasked with rescuing the immortal Child Empress when she is kidnapped by machine-augmented humans threatening the empire. This story, originally packaged as one book called Succession, begins in The Risen Empire and concludes The Killing of Worlds.

If You Want to Read a Standalone (Mostly Contemporary) Novel:


  • Afterworlds (2015 Popular Paperbacks for Young Adults): Chapters alternate between Darcy Patel’s journey as a debut author of what promises to be the next Big YA Novel and excerpts from Darcy’s novel about a girl named Lizzie who slips into the “Afterworld”–a place between life and death–during a terrorist attack.


  • So Yesterday: Hunter Braque moves through New York searching for Innovators–people who create the latest trends before they’re cool. Then he sells the ideas to clients who disseminate the ideas (via trendsetters) until each new fashion innovation becomes mainstream. When Hunter teams up with an Innovator to get to the bottom of his best client’s disappearance, he finds himself at the center of a far-reaching mystery involving trends, innovations, and the coolest sneakers he’s ever seen.

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Make America Read Again

There’s still a couple of weeks before the start of school and this is the perfect time to see this great nation of ours. Whether by plane or by car, visiting one of the United States can be entertaining and educational; however, sometimes a two day trip or a quick stop at a historical landmark leaves you wanting more culture.  Reading books set in the states is a great way to fill your cultural needs.  Authors often set their books in the states where they were raised or currently live and as the reader, we get to see the character’s city/state through their eyes.  We experience the people and their traditions, religion, and family life.

Many Americans may never visit West Virginia yet we have our own prejudices but in Free Verse, Sarah Dooley illustrates the daily life of coal miners and why they continue to work in dangerous conditions.  Most of us may not be a member of a Pentecostal snake handling church and we may not understand it but Jeff Zentner introduces us to a boy who is a member of this church and although he is embarrassed by the crimes of his father he is not embarrassed by his faith.

So grab your devices and your trail mix and go on a reading tour of the USA. Perhaps you will discover something exciting and new.

Cassie has had a tough summer mentally and romantically.  To explain her behavior to the boy’s heart she broke, Cassie writes him a personal letter of loss and loneliness.

  • PENNSYLVANIA- Great American Whatever by Tim Federle

Quinn hasn’t left his room in six months since the death of his sister and filmmaking partner.  After reluctantly going out with his best friend Geoff, Quinn falls in love, uncovers secrets, and come to terms with his sister’s death.

After her older brother dies, Sasha has no one and is sent to live in a foster home.  Living on a street named Caboose West Virginia, Sasha dreams of leaving this coal mining town everyday but the discovery of an uncle and a cousin causes her to see her small town through new eyes.

Lennie Cash’s name is legendary and not just for her criminal father but for her family’s legacy as moonshiners and wish granters.  Reeling from her friend’s brutal murder and wanting to fit in, Lennie unwittingly brings the magic moonshine to the party of the year where everyone makes outrageous wishes.  Lennie is then tasked with taking back those wishes and cleaning up her mess.

Dill’s father is the minister of a snake handling church, in prison, and Dill must live with his father’s name.  Living in a small town with no dreams of leaving and secretly being in love with his best friend who has big dreams of leaving, Dill struggles to figure out his life.

Natalie is ready to have the best summer in her small Kentucky town before she begins seeing visions of a different life.  After a visit from a stranger who called herself grandmother and beautiful boy named Beau, Natalie tries to solve the mystery of her visions.

Nix is a member of a four man crew aboard The Temptation-captained by her father.  Captain Slate is fiercely searching for a map from 1868 to go back into time to save his one true love.  Will Nix help him or sabotage his search?


Willowdean “Dumplin” Dickson is a Texan, daughter of the Miss Teen Beauty Pageant’s coordinator, and overweight.  She has best friend issues, boy issues, mommy issues but she decides to honor her aunt by entering the pageant.

Make America Read Again-2

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