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Monthly Monday Polls: October – Your TBR

Monday Poll @ YALSA's The HubHappy Monday, Hub readers! It’s time for the Monthly Monday Poll, and this month we want to hear about your reading habits, specifically whether you’re reading a ton of ARCs or not.

Last month’s poll asked if you are a fan of these seemingly endless screen adaptations, or if you prefer that Hollywood leave the complex plot lines, interior monologues, and nuanced relationship-building to the page. Folks were largely in favor of the extra reach provided by screen adaptions, with 72% of respondents glad to see something given live-action treatment, but 28% were concerned that the perils of a poorly-received or executed adaptation can overshadow the original book(s). I thought of this when I heard that Netflix is rebooting Lemony Snicket’s beloved Series of Unfortunate Events books as a miniseries starring Neil Patrick Harris, even though the first 3 books were previously adapted into a feature film with Jim Carrey in the lead in 2004 (sidenote: I cannot believe it’s been 12 years since that movie came out). Clearly Netflix believes the books’ (legion) fans want something from an adaptation that the film didn’t deliver… Continue reading Monthly Monday Polls: October – Your TBR

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Monthly Monday Poll: July

Monday Poll @ YALSA's The HubHappy July, Hub readers – Happy Independence Day to our American readers, and Happy belated Canada Day to our northern readers.

Last month, we asked about your preferences re: summer romance tropes, and the overwhelming majority of you (58%) say you love romances where the protagonists dislike each other first; bring on the banter! Star-crossed lovers were next, with 19% of the vote, followed by love triangles where both love interests tickled your (er, the protagonists’) fancy (12%). 9% of you don’t care for any kind of romantic trope when you’re stacking up your summer reads, and 3% of you prefer a love triangle with a clear *right* choice.

Our poll this month nods to the American Revolution by focusing on YA historical fiction set in 18th century North America. In compiling this list, it came to my attention that this is a) a decidedly untrendy topic lately for YA (only one of the titles I found was published in the past 5 years!), and b) also one that seems ripe for some further conversation around perspective, authentic voice, representation, and other issues surrounding how history is told, who gets to tell it, and what counts as “history” anyway. If this poll inspires you to dust off your historical fiction reader’s cap, this website proved super-useful. Let us know your thoughts, other titles you love that we missed, and your favorite resources for finding historical fiction in the comments!

What is your favorite piece of historical fiction set in 18th century North America?

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It’s Your Monthly Monday Poll: June – Favorite Romance Tropes for Summer

Monday Poll @ YALSA's The HubIt’s the first Monday in June, and that means it’s time for our monthly Monday poll!

Last month, we asked who your favorite siblings in contemporary YA are, and the results are in! Cath and Wren Avery from Rainbow Rowell’s Fangirl *just* edged out the Lynch brothers from Maggie Stiefvater’s The Raven Cycle series, 29% to 27%. Jenny Han’s Song sisters from the newly-confirmed Lara Jean trilogy (yay! Thank you Jenny Han!) pulled in 17% of the vote, followed by Simon and his sisters from Simon vs. the Homo Sapiens Agenda with 14%, and Mikey, Mel, and kid sister Meredith from The Rest of Us Just Live Here by Patrick Ness with 10%. Thanks to everybody who voted.

As the weather heats up, so too do some of our reading lists. Do you enjoy a little extra romance in your summer reading list? Vote for your favorite romantic tropes for a summertime (book) fling below, and let us know in the comments which of your favorite tropes we’ve left out!

What's your favorite romantic trope for a summer romance?

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Election Resources for Teens

Whether working in a public or an academic setting, or simply getting out in the community, yard signs and political ads bombard our lives during this election year. So how do we help teens navigate the serious issues, avoid bias, and understand the importance of voting?

By providing a variety of sources and creating an environment where teens can both ask questions in a safe environment and obtain accurate, and updated, information. In other words, we keep it professional and try to keep the teens respectful. We remain a library, a classroom, and professional. Here are some helpful election tools for your teens to learn about the election process and this year’s candidates.

Election Resources for Teens
CC image via Flickr user Michael Fleshman


Rock the Vote

Rock the vote is the “largest nonprofit and nonpartisan organization” where teens can register to vote, demystifying the myths of what is needed to vote ahead of and on voting day for each state. Celebrities and musicals of various genres are used heavily as PR tools. The goal is to get youth to the polls.

I Side With

I Side With provides a 10 minute quiz that covers foreign policy, environmental issues, social issues, domestic policy, and more. What makes this unlike any other quiz and far better than other quizzes is the depth of each question (Tip: expand each section for additional questions so that you take the full quiz). Don’t feel pressure to know all the topics, the I Side With quiz is prepared to help the most uninformed or confused quiz taker. There is a box in which the issue is explained in a lengthy summary should you need. I was a little surprised at the small percentage difference between my results.

Ted-Ed: Lessons Worth Sharing

This Ted-Ed video explains the Electoral College in a quick, informative layout of a Ted Talk.  Ted Ed offers lessons from professionals with the entertainment of animators. In this video, teens can learn the difference between the Popular Vote and the Electoral College and how different states have different levels of importance. Continue reading Election Resources for Teens

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Take Five: Favorite Holiday Movies

This time of year, many are watching their old holiday favorite movies, and the Hub bloggers are no exception! Today, we’re sharing our favorite more obscure holiday movies.

Take Five The Hub

Every December I will always watch Sandra Bullock in While You Were Sleeping.  It is absurd and I love it.  I am wholly enamoured with all of the characters.  For me it has always stood apart from other Romantic Comedies.  Lucy is both optimistic and forlorn in her attempts to find love while working at the train Station. When Lucy protects a man after he has been robbed, she unexpectedly becomes part of his life. I love the change-ups both expected and unexpected.  Don’t look closely at the plot though it will all unravel in a minute. — Laura Perenic

My favorite holiday movie that may very well be under-appreciated is Surviving Christmas, which stars Ben Affleck as this guy Drew who doesn’t have any family and he’d much rather go on a trip to Tahiti instead of celebrating Christmas.  His girlfriend gets mad at him and after a recommendation from his therapist he goes back to his childhood home to sort out his problems.  A new family lives in his old house and when Drew shows up at their door the movie gets funnier and funnier.  I love this movie because it’s a total clique on how you can find true love and how you can create a new family and live happily ever after.  Definitely a spirit building movie and I love to watch it every year! — Kimberli Buckley Continue reading Take Five: Favorite Holiday Movies

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