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Mystery Reads for Summer

PoolsideI don’t know what it is about reading mysteries in the summertime, but it just seems right to me. I have always enjoyed sitting on a deck chair, poolside, and grabbing a good mystery out of my bag. I can smell the sun tan lotion and chlorine now…

One pleasant surprise, though, is when I crack the spine of my paperback and realize that the mystery I am reading is also set in the summer. It just makes it all the more enjoyable. If you’re looking for a good mystery set in the summertime for your poolside reading, check out these titles:

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Irish Inspiration

There are lots of ways to celebrate March 17th, St. Patrick’s Day. You can wear green and pinch those who forgot their festive clothes. Lots of people celebrate by eating cabbage, corned beef, and soda bread. Of course, anything with gold coins or four leaf clovers will be popular for decorations. A new way you can celebrate is by experiencing the rich tradition of Irish folklore found in teen novels. Here is a collection of books that drew their influence from Irish myths.  The list purposefully avoids myths about mermaids and Sirens because of Gretchen Kolderup’s previous coverage of them in “Fintastic: the rise of mermaids and sirens.”


Staking the Vampire

Smile! Your days are numbered!

It’s the beginning of the end, folks–for the Twilight series that is. As any Twi-fan knows, Breaking Dawn, Part 1 premiered last weekend, and it’s only a matter of time until “Part 2” wraps up the series in a happy little bow. Whether they like the Twilight saga or not, astute commentators must agree that those books changed the shape of teen literature, propelling paranormal romance, and vampires, to the top of the charts.

But have the blood-drinking sophisticates started to overstay their welcome? November 14th’s Hub poll determined that of all the trends in teen literature, “Vampires” was the one most Hub readers wanted to see go. So The Hub is here to ask the question “What next?” Towards which creature should we direct our adulation–or mockery? Who will put the stake in the vampire trend? Let’s examine the options.