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Tag: Akira Amano

My favorite lists…are “favorites” lists.

On 11/24/10, Gayle Forman posted on the NPR web site a short list of what she considers “the year’s best teen reads.”  Her list stayed away from fantasy or popular “dark romance” books and focused on “just real people in real situations with real emotions that we all can relate to.”  Seeing her list, of course, compelled me to think back on my year of reading. What were my favorite discoveries in 2010? What trends did I see in my own choices?  And what have others noted as their recent favorites and/or “best of” picks from 2010?

Just a small sampling of some interesting recommendations/lists you may want to check out in addition to Gayle Forman’s list (as noted above):

  • “YALSA’s Teens’ Top Ten (2010)” (Following this link will also lead you to a wealth of other lists recommended by YALSA – just look to the left of the page for the other available menu options/lists…)

What were some of MY favorite reads/discoveries from 2010 (and some not-so favorites)?