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Midseason Finales Got You Down? Try These Readalikes for the CW Fall Lineup!

The fall lineup on The CW has been running for a couple of months now, and we are finally getting used to some familiar faces while we get accustomed to lots of new ones as well.  Century-old intrigue, new secret facilities, fallen angels and some old-fashioned family drama are surprising us at every turn.  Even if you don’t watch every show on the Network of Beautiful People, we all feel a little connection to the network for the plethora of stories it’s told over the years.  If you’re a fan, there are a certain group of “types” you might have in regards to your kind of fiction.  You might love the supernatural, or have an affinity for people who kick a little ass. So let’s take the time to check out a few pages–new and old–that can act as alternative entertainment as we approach that time: holiday hiatus.

12971637Hollyweird by Terri Clark.  In this lighthearted comedy, a blue-eyed fallen angel must protect a young girl who has just won a trip to meet a TV star.  This Hollywood heartthrob, who on his show drives around in a classic car killing monsters in every state, is actually the son of the devil!  Written by a Supernatural fan, this novel has all the in-jokes you could ever want, on top of a funny and adorable story in its own right.  (I’ll be honest: it was actually this book that spurred me to watch Supernatural, as I’d been afraid by that point that I would never catch up–then after reading it I decided to do what I could to make it so!)

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