Book Review: Welcome to Bordertown

Welcome to Bordertown: New Stories and Poems of the Borderlands edited by Holly Black and Ellen Kushner

On the border between our world and the realm of Faerie is a city where magic and technology collide.  A gritty urban landscape full of runaways from the world and the realm seeking freedom, magic and mystery, making music, love and war.  The Borderland series of shared-world stories was created for teen readers by Terri Windling in the mid-80s.  Emma Bull, Charles de Lint, Ellen Kushner, Will Shetterly, and Midori Snyder authored some of the early Borderland stories.

Four anthologies of short stories were published:  Borderland and Bordertown in 1986, Life on the Border in 1991, and The Essential Bordertown in 1996.  Three novels were set in Bordertown as well: Elsewhere (1991) and Never Never (1993) both by Will Shetterly and Finder by Emma Bull (1994).

After that, Bordertown disappeared.

Welcome to Bordertown is a return to the shared-world series with stories by some of the original Bordertown writers, and some new authors who grew up reading about Bordertown.  The lapse in time is cleverly accounted for with the conceit that the Way to Bordrtown closed for 13 years in our world and 13 days in Bordertown itself.  Now a new generation of teen wanderers, full of Internet savvy and all new cultural references, are finding their way to Bordertown. Continue reading Book Review: Welcome to Bordertown