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A Bad Romance– Love Gone Wrong in Teen Lit

By CMEarnest (Own work) [CC-BY-SA-3.0 (], via Wikimedia Commons
By CMEarnest via Wikimedia Commons
Springtime is when love is in the air.  New relationships are blooming, the warmer weather drives people outdoors and puts everyone in a better mood, and it just seems like the perfect time to fall in love…

But what happens when you don’t want to fall in love?  When you just want to snarkily smirk at those silly people holding hands and picking flowers?  How do you avoid, nay how do you embrace the idea that falling in love is just not for you..?

Well, one good way is to read books about love gone wrong.  Luckily, teen lit is filled with excellent examples of books about all the ways love can be so harmful to your well-being.  From bad breakups to unrequited crushes, check out the list below if you want to fall in love with a bad romance!

Star-Crossed Love

tearcollectorswoongeneration deadmonstrous beautyEveAdamUnderNeverSky

The Tear Collector by Patrick Jones

Cassandra comes from a long line of vampire-like creatures who need human tears to survive rather than blood.  Cassandra is very good at collecting tears by being the shoulder for her friends to cry on, and even volunteering as a grief counselor.  However, Cassandra is growing tired of her life and wants to be human, especially when she begins to fall in love with Scott.

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Staking the Vampire

Smile! Your days are numbered!

It’s the beginning of the end, folks–for the Twilight series that is. As any Twi-fan knows, Breaking Dawn, Part 1 premiered last weekend, and it’s only a matter of time until “Part 2” wraps up the series in a happy little bow. Whether they like the Twilight saga or not, astute commentators must agree that those books changed the shape of teen literature, propelling paranormal romance, and vampires, to the top of the charts.

But have the blood-drinking sophisticates started to overstay their welcome? November 14th’s Hub poll determined that of all the trends in teen literature, “Vampires” was the one most Hub readers wanted to see go. So The Hub is here to ask the question “What next?” Towards which creature should we direct our adulation–or mockery? Who will put the stake in the vampire trend? Let’s examine the options.


Everything’s Coming Up Zombies

by felix42 contra la censura,

Several months ago, one of our excellent crew of bloggers posed this vital question – Why are zombies so popular these days? If you’ve been watching TV or surfing the Internet to an appreciable degree in the past few years, you may have noticed this trend yourself: zombie-themed books, movies, graphic novels, games and even zombie conventions are emerging like the unhallowed dead from their shallow graves. In fact if you’re reading this, you’ve probably participated in a hypothetical “how I would survive a zombie apocalypse” conversation at some point in your life. So what’s behind the amazing popularity of zombies? The Hub has put the finest minds of our generation to work answering this question, and the results are:

 The Four Pillars of Zombie Popularity

 1. A Convenient Apocalypse – As we have previously discussed, post apocalyptic books are becoming very popular, especially for teens. Post apocalyptic plots contain excellent opportunities for excitement and drama as the main characters are pitted against a hostile world, using only their ingenuity and grit to survive.