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The Next Big Retelling: Gothic Novels

YALSA’s upcoming YA Literature Symposium will explore the future of young adult literature. The symposium begins on November 2nd, but we wanted to get a head start here at The Hub, so we’re devoting October to 31 Days of the Next Big Thing. Each day of the month, we’ll bring you forecasts about where YA literature is headed and thoughts on how you can spot trends and predict the future yourself.

We’re all pretty familiar with retellings of classic stories; Pride and Prejudice took up a great deal of the second half of the 2000s, from Enthusiasm to Prom & Prejudice. Then fairy tales became huge, with authors like Alex Flinn producing awesome tales like Beastly, A Kiss in Time, and Cloaked. And that’s not to mention the resurgence and reprinting of stories by Robin McKinley and Gail Carson Levine. But the past couple of years have shown us the start of a new Big Thing: the retelling of Gothic novels.

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Upcoming YA film adaptations

When the movie version of a YA book is released, it’s common for the book to get a big spike in circulation (yay, free publicity!) It’s important to be up-to-date on movie releases so you can make sure you have enough copies available for your patrons! It can also be a great excuse to host a book/movie-themed event. With that in mind, here are some big book-to-movie adaptations to look out for in upcoming months (this post covers February – June, which means no Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows Part 2 or Breaking Dawn Part I; look for another post on the second part of the year closer to summer).