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Teen Perspective: Cory’s Blogger Profile and Ridiculous Taste in Books

teen blogger coryHey, my name is Cory (as in the girl name, not the identically-spelled boy name), and books are my friends. And by friends, I mean the kind of friends that aren’t invited to a party, but you smuggle them in anyway by hiding them in your bag. Good friends, friends I try to force my mother to like by placing them ever-so-subtly on her pillow. But she doesn’t read everything I throw at her because she has preferences. I have preferences, too, actually, if you’ll believe it. Everyone has things they look for in a good book, right? While I’m not claiming these things will ultimately decide whether I’ll pick up a book, let alone if I’ll like it (I absolutely love humor in literature, for instance, but does that mean I’m never going to love anything serious?), but there are certain things a book can do to make itself more memorable for me. Okay, a lot of things. I’ve tried to narrow them down a bit:

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Short Form Summer Reading Summaries

by flickr user sara. nel
Whether you’re a librarian, a parent, or procrastinator not too proud to admit it, you’re probably familiar with the question that comes up around this time of year regarding assigned summer reading. Not just panicked students requesting the books they need, but the slightly desperate plea, “What is this book about?” We put the question to the collective mind of our Hub bloggers, with the added challenge to summarize familiar summer reading classics in the shortest form possible. Here is a round-up of the quirky, clever, and funny responses we got:

From Sarah Debraski with an assist from Paul, some great haiku

The only thing you
need to know is Big Brother
is always watching
(1984 by George Orwell)