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Wolverine Through Books

Over the weekend, I had a chance to see the new Wolverine movie, and it was everything I’d hoped for. I’m a big fan of the X-Men movies and Wolverine in general. It takes place after the X-Men trilogy, following the death of Jean, which destroys Logan. Here’s a look at the movie through books.

japanese gate amidst rubbleWorld War II Bombing of Nagasaki

  • Bomb: The Race to Build — and Steal — the World’s Most Dangerous Weapon by┬áSteve Sheinkin
    The history of making of the atomic bomb from the scientists who worked on it, to the KGB officers who wanted to steal it, to the British who tried to sabotage the Germans to keep them from making their own.
  • World War II in the Pacific: From Pearl Harbor to Nagasaki by R. Conrad Stein
    History of the battles in the Pacific starting with the surprise attack on Pearl Harbor and ending with the dropping of the second atomic bomb.
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Lighten Up! Hot Reads for Cold Days

Gray skies got you down? Indulge in a mental vacation with a book set in a sunny spot:

Death by Bikini by Linda GerberDeath by Bikini (2011 Popular Paperbacks for Young Adults) by Linda Gerber

Aphra Connolly’s dad owns a secluded tropical island and a resort that caters to the rich and famous. Sounds sweet, but 16-year-old Aphra would like to be back in South Carolina with her friends. Most of all, she’d like to have her mother back; she disappeared four years ago.

Aphra is jolted out of her doldrums when she discovers the body of a rock star’s girlfriend on the beach. Cause of death: strangulation by bikini top. The crime coincides with the arrival of unexpected visitors who put Aphra’s dad on edge, including the Smith family and their cute son. When she investigates, Aphra is plunged into a high-voltage mystery in which no one is who he seems to be, and trusting the wrong person can be deadly. If you’d enjoy swimming near a coral reef or smelling tropical blooms at this time of year, pick up this fun suspense story.

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