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YA Fiction for Fans of Graphic Novels and Comics

ya fiction for fans of graphic novelsEvery so often I have a reader who claims he or she only wants to read graphic novels or a patron whose parent or teacher insists they branch out of graphic novels and try a “regular” book.

Just as I like find graphic novels to appeal to reader who say they aren’t for them, I also like to convince tried and true graphic novel fans that there are other types of books they can enjoy reading. Even though I think graphic novels are great and definitely “real” reading and that there’s nothing wrong with preferring that format, I do like to show reluctant readers that there are exciting stories waiting to be discovered inside “regular” novels.

In recent years, there have been a number of great YA novels that feature illustrations, and these books will appeal to fans of graphic novels who like their stories accompanied by pictures. From realistic fiction to fantasy, you can find illustrated novels in all sorts of categories.