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The Waiting Game: Teens React To The Fault in Our Stars Movie Trailer

tfios posterJust a few weeks ago, an event of epic proportions sent intense ripples of squealing and sobbing through cyberspace.  That’s right–the long awaited first trailer for the film adaption of The Fault In Our Stars was released into the wide world.

Now, I was just as eager as any fan to get this first big peek at the film.  After all, I was a fan of TFIOS from the moment I first opened my autographed, pre-ordered copy.  I’ve enjoyed all of John Green’s previous novels and as a general follower of his growing online presence, I had heard quite a bit about his newest novel before its publication.  However, I was thrilled to find that the novel actually lived up to my high expectations.  I unwisely read the last quarter on a public bus–and attempted in vain to hide my sniffles and sobs.  With very little help from me, the novel’s popularity has since exploded among the teens in my library.  So after viewing the trailer myself, I was eager to hear their reactions.

The reactions were overpoweringly positive–with one or two exceptions.  The few doubters I encountered expressed either a dissatisfaction with the casting or a concern that the movie would be disappointing.  However, the majority of the teens I asked about the trailer were effusive in the their praise.  One student mentioned that even though she hadn’t read the book yet, the trailer made her even more interested in getting her hands on a copy of the novel.  Another literally made a plaintive whining sound when I first mentioned the trailer.

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Book to Film: Out Today and Coming Soon

Book-to-film adaptation are not a new thing. Most of the earliest feature-length films–even before sound–were based on classic or pulp novels and serials. Sometimes today, it’s hard to tell what movies are based on books. (Although if you need help, the Mid-Continent Public Library’s Based on the Book tool should help!) John Green and his Nerdfighters even have a viral pact to “Read the Book First.” Well, I hate to say it, but if you haven’t read the book for today’s big feature, you’re not going to get anything else done.

Out Today

Breaking Dawn


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