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Back to School with a Supernatural Twist

Back to SchoolI have a problem: I hate the end of August.

It’s a time of year that just brings me down, and not because it is the end of summer, but because it is time to go back to school.  Growing up, I would be filled with dread as the weeks passed in August.  I tried to fake it and get into new school supplies and a new wardrobe, but in the end, no shiny folders or awesome sneakers could quell the anxiety inside of me for the first day of school.  As years passed, I thought I would grow out of being grumpy at the end of August, but to this day I still get down this time of year even though I no longer attend school.

This got me thinking, perhaps if I had attended some of the schools I have read about in teen literature–those that have a supernatural twist–then maybe I would have liked back to school time just a little bit more… and maybe I would have even looked forward to starting a new school year.  If you are like me and feeling like a big bummer right now because it is back to school time, then check out some of the books I have listed below.  These novels feature schools that are ten times cooler than your ordinary school, and might even help you get into the back to school spirit.

zombie queenZombie Queen of Newbury High by Amanda Ashby

Mia wants to ensure that she will be going to prom with the high school quarterback so she purchases a love spell, but it backfires and turns her classmates into zombies.  A school filled with zombies would definitely make life more exciting!  Every day would be a battle for your life.  Mia, however, has help from new student Chase, who just happens to work for the Department of Paranormal Containment.

Great and Terrible BeautyA Great and Terrible Beauty by Libba Bray (2004 Best Books for Young Adults, 2004 Teens’ Top Ten Title)

Gemma Doyle has special powers that she does not know about, until she attends the Spence School in London.  It is there that Gemma and her new friends discover a diary that allows Gemma to contact the Realms, a spirit world where they all travel to.  Talk about a great escape from the mundane school day! In the Realms they seem to have vast power and find much happiness, until the truth about the Realms and the Order that maintains this spirit world become known to the girls.


Genre Guide: Urban Fantasy for Teens

Urban FantasyDefinition
Urban fantasy is a sub-genre of fantasy. For a novel to be an urban fantasy, fantastical elements exist in an urban setting. However, this can be a broad interpretation. Really, an urban fantasy is such where fantastical elements are in play in a real-world setting and not in a fantastical world. Urban fantasies occur in the present day, and can go back in history to around the start of the Victorian Era. When urban fantasies are written for teens, the protagonist or protagonists are often inexperienced when it comes to dealing with the fantastical forces at play. They are also usually drawn into a struggle, find romance, and/or develop their own fantastical abilities.

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