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Genre Guide: Urban Fantasy for Teens

Urban FantasyDefinition
Urban fantasy is a sub-genre of fantasy. For a novel to be an urban fantasy, fantastical elements exist in an urban setting. However, this can be a broad interpretation. Really, an urban fantasy is such where fantastical elements are in play in a real-world setting and not in a fantastical world. Urban fantasies occur in the present day, and can go back in history to around the start of the Victorian Era. When urban fantasies are written for teens, the protagonist or protagonists are often inexperienced when it comes to dealing with the fantastical forces at play. They are also usually drawn into a struggle, find romance, and/or develop their own fantastical abilities.

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Love Plus: YA Books with More Than Romance

The first day of spring isn’t too long ago and with the arrival of spring comes love. Ah, love, ain’t it grand? There’s nothing better than a satisfying romance where the couple gets together and your heart grows three sizes in one day. But sometimes, don’t you want a little bit more with your love? Something a little bit … weirder than your run-of-the-mill Nicholas Sparks sob-fest? I do. I like my genres to be mixed and mashed together like a perfect equation: sure solving for x is the goal, but you can still appreciate the distinct parts along the way. So if you’re looking for some great YA romances that mix up their genres, here are some picks for you. Check out my equations:

Love + a go-getter reporter in the Nancy Drew vein + demons + a witchy best friend = Prom Dates from Hell by Rosemary Clement-Moore

I am of the opinion that Clement-Moore is one of the best writers of the paranormal genre out there today. All of her books are smart, funny, and have just the right amount of spooky. In this first book of her Maggie Quinn: Girl v. Evil series, our sarcastic heroine Maggie begins to suspect that something is not all together normal. The popular clique starts getting picked off one by one, and the evil, sulfurous smell pervading the school confirms Maggie’s fears: a demonic presence. With the help of a kind and believably interested college student, Justin, Maggie uses her paranormal girl sleuth skills on the case. Two equally hilarious and gently romantic sequels follow.

the Shadow SocietyLove + shadow people + star-crossed lovers + Chicago + alternative histories = The Shadow Society by Marie Rutkowski

I love alternate history stories, but it’s not often that the alternate universe is placed parallel to our known, “normal” one. This is the case in The Shadow Society when Darcy Jones, an orphan bounced around to various foster families, finds out she’s really a Shade. Shades are citizens of an alternate universe that was shattered into being during the events of the Great Chicago Fire. Conn, a mysterious and handsome stranger, saves her when she is most vulnerable, but can Darcy trust him? He knows the truth about her and promptly arrests her for being a terrorist. Here is a story of star-crossed lovers that is a lot more winning and believable than others.