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Ballet Books For Teens

When the idea of writing a post about ballet books for teens came up I literally jumped at the chance. But as I thought about it more, and thought about all the reasons I loved hearing the stories of ballerinas and dancers, I wondered why it also seemed like such a fitting subject for teens to be interested in. After reading many fine ballet books, written for both teens and adults (which we’ll get to in just a second), I came up with the following theories:

1. Ballet is an form of the young. Many dancers begin their training as children, and by the time they become teens, they’re entering professional careers. The single-minded dedication that is required to dance at that level demands the kind of commitment that any teen on a sports team, working to master a musical instrument, or studying for important exams could relate to, and yet…

2. Ballet is somehow less accessible, more mysterious, a closed world that can only be accessed by being a part of it, or reading about it.

3. Ballet is a world of constant paradox: to look effortless on stage, dancers have to endure incredible tests of stamina, strength, pain, and sacrifice. There’s a whole lot of conflict in a a world like that, which makes for great storytelling.

Eager to peer into this secret world of beauty, tradition, grace, and the most hardcore training imaginable? Check out these titles: