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Great Graphic Novels (#GGN2020) Nominees Round Up, August 1 Edition

Click here to see all of the current Great Graphic Novels nominees along with more information about the list and past years’ selections.

Faith: Dreamside by Jody Houser
Valiant Entertainment
Publication Date: March 12, 2019
ISBN: 978-1682152973

Faith Herbert is dealing with a massive problem; her superhero alter ego, Zepher, has wrongfully been accused of murder. Falling into her alias as Summer Smith, she hides at her newspaper job and tries to keep a low profile. Then Monica Jim (AKA Animalia) comes to Faith for help. She has ghosts not only haunting her but bound and determined to take her to the Deathside plane of existence. Once Monica is captured, Faith enlists the assistance of paranormal scientist Doctor Mirage to bring Monica back from the Deathside.

Great Graphic Novels (#GGN2020) Nominees Round Up, March 7 Edition

Bloom by Kevin Panetta
First Second
Publication Date: January 29, 2019
ISBN: 978-1626726413

Ari dreams of leaving his family bakery to start a new life in Baltimore with his band members. When Hector comes to town, to clean out his late Nana’s house, he finds a flyer looking for help at Ari’s family’s bakery. Ari and Hector are indifferent towards each other at first, as Ari’s friends make fun of Hector. The more time they spend together, Ari finds reasons not only to love baking again, but to reconsider his dream of moving away to start a new life. When Ari blaims Hector for a fire at the bakery and pushes him away, their relationship is tested.