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Celebrity-authored books that we’d like to see

Now that Chris Colfer of Glee fame has become a published author with a fairy tale for kids (The Land of Stories: The Wishing Spell), we got to thinking of some other celebrity-penned books that we’d like to see:

Squirrel: It’s What’s for Dinner by Jennifer Lawrence (actress, Winter’s Bone and The Hunger Games)

Enjoy Jennifer’s suggestions for whipping up tasty, healthful, and budget-minded meals using America’s favorite rodent. Subsistence hunting never tasted so good!

Playing Both Ends Off the Middle by Stephen Colbert (TV “newsman,” writer, actor, comedian)

In this tale of politics beyond the Beltway, young voters realize that their only way to be heard is to work with America’s most powerful voting bloc — senior citizens. But how to convince oldsters that youth are friends, not foes? In an aha! moment, teens realize that males of both generations wear their pants low around their non-existent hips. The Saggers reach out to the Sansabelts and form a powerful coalition — a little too powerful for the Plumbers Union, who control the “intergluteal cleft” lobby. Can the hip-hop/hip replacement alliance prevail? And will those kids ever get off the lawn?

[Especially since Stephen has already penned a picture book (with a “Caldecott Eligible” seal!), moving on to YA seems like the next logical step! -ed.]