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A Defense of “Weak” YA Fiction

“Tackling rich literature is the best way to prepare students for careers and college, said [Sandra] Stotsky, who blames mediocre national reading scores on weak young adult literature popular since the 1960s.” (From The Independent)

Are you spluttering in outraged confusion yet? This quote appeared in several recent articles about the Common Core State Standards in English and promptly caused a library listserv flamewar. Sadly, I couldn’t find out much more about the context for Stotsky’s quote and why she thinks of YA literature as “weak” when it truly has never been more creative or thought-provoking. Unable to comprehend the sheer magnitude of out-of-touch-ness displayed by this quote, I turned to the Pueblo City-County Library’s Teen Advisory Board (thanks Anthony and Cory!) to tell me what real young adults thought about it.

Has “weak” YA literature made students mediocre readers?