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More of What Teens are Saying About What They Are Reading

Whenever I need inspiration for that book to read next or what to suggest to a teen patron, I often look to our library’s Teen Choice Best Books display, where teens post reviews of their favorite books. (If you are curious about how the display works or what other books the young adult reviewers have written about, check out my previous post, “What Teens are Saying About What They Are Reading.”) When I looked at the display recently, of course I had a ton of reviews for The Hunger Games, but since most of you already know the series well, I only included the best review. As a visual learner, I love this display because I often recognize a cover before I can think of the title or the author. I also find that even if I’ve read the book the reviewer likes too, there may be another title in the series about to come out. Seeing the cover of The Maze Runner reminded me to look for James Dashner’s new book, The Kill Order, which is due out August 14th.


The Hunger Games by Suzanne Collins (The Ultimate YA Bookshelf)


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What Teens are Saying About What They Are Reading

To help teen readers find good books even when I am not around to give them ideas, the Middletown Public Library uses a form called Teen Choice Best Books. After teens complete the form, it is posted on the bulletin board with a copy of the book cover. Ideally in just a few words or phrases, they can capture what makes these books great and sell them to other teen readers looking for something new. I like the “don’t take my word for it” aspect of the display because I’m an adult, so I could be wrong, but peers should should have more insight. Here are some of the books our teens are reading along with their personal spin on why you should read them too.

Serena, 17: A Game of Thrones by George R. R. Martin