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9 Books to Read If You Miss Buffy the Vampire Slayer

Though the show aired one to two years before most of today’s high school seniors were born, Buffy the Vampire Slayer still has a cult following amongst fans of all ages. I have even heard a child in the children’s section of the local library singing songs from the musical as they browsed books. If you’re like me, a crazy fangirl of the show, you miss it immensely. It had humor, heart, and the characters became like family. It has such a huge following that it, thankfully, has continued in graphic novel form. Fans continue to write fanfiction, attend cons to meet the actors, and in general, keep the Slayer alive. Another way to do this is by reading novels that could easily be set in the same world, or that Buffy (and Giles!) would definitely approve of.


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New(s) to Me: The Vampire Diaries and the Case of the Ditched Author

The Vampire Diaries. Love Sucks.Last month, I took the arrival of The CW’s The Vampire Diaries on Netflix to be a sign: it was time to finally read L. J. Smith’s Vampire Diaries novels.

The first series had been sitting on my shelf for months, but I hadn’t brought myself to read it yet for some reason. I have been reading about vampires since waaaaaay before they were cool, but somehow these passed me by before the new printing. I slapped myself for that years ago, but I still hadn’t gotten around to reading it–probably afraid of disappointment. The TV series had begun while I was in grad school; therefore I hadn’t been able to start from the beginning, and I can’t watch things that I can’t start from the beginning.

And then, there was Netflix.


Staking the Vampire

Smile! Your days are numbered!

It’s the beginning of the end, folks–for the Twilight series that is. As any Twi-fan knows, Breaking Dawn, Part 1 premiered last weekend, and it’s only a matter of time until “Part 2” wraps up the series in a happy little bow. Whether they like the Twilight saga or not, astute commentators must agree that those books changed the shape of teen literature, propelling paranormal romance, and vampires, to the top of the charts.

But have the blood-drinking sophisticates started to overstay their welcome? November 14th’s Hub poll determined that of all the trends in teen literature, “Vampires” was the one most Hub readers wanted to see go. So The Hub is here to ask the question “What next?” Towards which creature should we direct our adulation–or mockery? Who will put the stake in the vampire trend? Let’s examine the options.


Out of Our Comfort Zones: Ted and Sarah read SOULLESS and I KILL GIANTS!

Sarah Debraski and I decided to try something interesting to broaden our horizons: we each made a list of the types of YA books we didn’t read, and then each chose a book for the other person to read from those categories, to deliberately force ourselves outside of our comfort zones and read something we normally wouldn’t. Did it work? Read (and listen!) on in this post and podcast.