Read UK: YA Books Set in the United Kingdom

Thanks to Libba Bray and her Gemma Doyle Series and Cassandra Clare and her Infernal Devices Series, there was never a shortage of books set in Victorian England with a lovely girl in a fabulous dress gracing the cover.

But it’s been a couple of years since the publication of those books and there had been a bit of a shortage of YA set in the UK especially contemporary and science fiction. Thankfully 2016 is seeing a resurgence.  So before England Brexits from the European Union, enjoy these YA books from all genres that are set in the United Kingdom.

Elodie desires more for herself than a life of tea parties and when her father finds himself in trouble, Elodie must travel to China to save him and her family.

After a disfiguring accident, Evelyn finds employment as John Merrick’s nurse.  Caring for The Elephant Man gives Evelyn strength to seek justice as Jack The Ripper terrorizes London.

Forced to lay low Faith and her family are exiled to an island where her father mysteriously dies.  While looking for answers for her father’s death, Faith discovers a tree that may hold the answers she seeks.

Katie’s grandmother, Mary, suffers from Alzheimers and does not have a good relationship with Katie’s mother.  Unbecoming is the story of three generations of women and the secrets that plague their lives.

Gottie is grieving her grandfather’s death and the end of a relationship which are both causing her to lose time.  Is she falling through black holes or she suffering from a mental breakdown? Only Gottie can find answers. Continue reading Read UK: YA Books Set in the United Kingdom