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Tag: Virgo

Reading Horoscope – Virgo

Calm, cool, and collected Virgos: are you ready for the month ahead? Born between August 23rd and September 22nd, Virgos are ruled by the planet Mercury, grounded solidly in the element of earth. Virgos are steadfast, helpful, and precise and sometimes feel weighed down by worries and concerns. I see many days filled with goodwill projects, helping at the local soup kitchen, helping fund your best friend’s Kickstarter, and making sure your little sister is prepared to start middle school. Your caring nature is admired and appreciated, but don’t forget that you can’t solve all the world’s problems alone. It is important to let others help and support you to not feel overwhelmed. Also important is finding time to pick up a few books featuring practical and meticulous Virgos like you.

Not That Kind of Girl by Siobhan Vivian (2011 Best Fiction for Young Adults)

Natalie Sterling is a good girl and that’s how she likes it. She works hard at school, at student council, at life. She has clear goals and a clear path getting to those goals. Her senior year is going right on schedule when things get confusing. Natalie decides to take freshman Spencer under her wing to show her the ropes and how to be successful. Spencer, though, would rather have fun, date boys, pull pranks, and push the boundaries of what is considered “proper” behavior for young ladies. Natalie’s own idea of what it means to be “good” are challenged when she begins a secret relationship with a boy who is completely wrong for her and threatens to derail her plans. Assumptions are challenged, relationships are challenged, and Natalie must decide what’s more important, being good or being yourself.