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What Would a Jedi Read? Reader’s Advisory for Star Wars Characters

Our favorite Star Wars characters need good book recommendations too! Yet, could you figure out a book picks for popular Star Wars characters off the top of your head? The latest and (apparently) final entry into the Skywalker saga within the Star Wars universe is just around the corner. It is always important to reflect on popular culture in the library. Such a large percentage of our collections embrace the idea of pop culture. Also, aspects of the fandoms can be great touchstones for reader’s advisory. If the teen you are trying to help doesn’t know how to explain their needs or desires in a book, asking for the name of their favorite Star Wars character could be the “in” that you need.

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18 Books if You Liked Stranger Things

Netflix’s new TV show Stranger Things has been wildly popular. The show, set in the 80s, begins when a young boy, Mikey, goes missing, and his friends and family uncover many strange things while looking for him, including a girl with paranormal abilities.

Season two is currently filming, but if your teens have binged season one and need some books to tide them over, check out these 18 science fiction/weird YA titles.

18-books-to-read-if-you-like-stranger-thingsWolf by Wolf by Ryan Graudin

What would the world be like if Hitler’s Aryan nation plan had succeeded?  It’s 1956 and Yael, a skinshifter, has been assigned the task of killing the fuhrer by entering and winning a motorcycle race.

The Darkest Minds by Alexandra Bracken (2016 Popular Paperbacks)

Ruby is different and her parents are afraid of her.  When Ruby survived the virus that killed all the kids, her parents locked her in the garage.  Desperate to escape, Ruby finds a place with other teens like her only to find out that her powers will be exploited.

Mila 2.0 by Debra Driza

Mila looks like a human teen but was actually created in a lab.  Sent to live like a human after a memory wipe, Mila finds herself on the run from her creators who want to destroy her and from people who want to use her powers for evil.

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