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What Would Carl from the Walking Dead Read?

“Yeah I like it here.  I like the people.  But they’re weak.  And I don’t want us to get weak too.” Carl Grimes from the AMC television show The Walking Dead is one of the toughest teen characters I have ever seen.  He has grown up in a world of chaos and woe ever since he was a young lad.  He has survived some of the most horrifying zombies or “walkers” as he would call them and lost his own after she gave birth to his baby sister and he had to be the one to make sure she didn’t turn into a zombie.

Carl can really take care of himself, even though he can give into his childish cravings and love for chocolate puddings every once in a while.  He understands the depravity of the world that he lives in and he is never afraid to take charge in chaotic situations.  His dad Rick should be proud that Carl has transitioned so well in such a wild and unruly world.  Carl should be proud of himself for learning how to shoot a gun and knock out as many “walkers” as he can.  Way to go Carl!  If Carl walked into my library right now what books would I recommend to him?  Let’s see, I think I have a few he will really like.

Carl-Grimes-Walking Dead

Zombie survival guide max brooks

Zombie Survival Guide by Max Brooks

Now I don’t really think that Carl needs this book, but I do think he would get a big kick out of reading it.  He might think that some of the tips that Brooks offers would be helpful in the world that has been stricken by the zombie apocalypse.

This unique survival guide offers helpful tips such as weapons and combat techniques, places to stay safe, and how to survive a zombie-infested world.  Did you know that if properly cared for the human body can be the best weapon of all?  More importantly, the chapter on how the zombie virus is spread may make the average reader squeamish, but not Carl he will understand the treatment for an infected bite is usually amputation.  There are also references to the different kinds of zombies like voodoo, movie zombies, and the deadly incurable virus zombies.

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Cool Comics Picks (and Zombies!)

Afterlife with ArchieHello again, my dear Hubbers!  I’m back again for a round-up of my favorite new-ish comics to share with you!  Yes, I know, I was supposed to do a post on the newest topic in my SuperMOOC comics series, but to tell you the truth, I am super behind on my MOOC.  Who knew that this “Summer Reading” thing would take up so much of my time?  Ha!  So, instead, I’m happy to give you a list of a few of my new favorite titles that will definitely appeal to a whole gamut of comics readers.  From weird Guardians to zombies to our (well, my, I guess) favorite, Mr. Batman, himself, I hope that you’ll be excited to jump into the deep end of the comics pool.  Join me, won’t you?  As always, we start with Batman!

Batman, Volume 4:  Zero Year – Secret City by Scott Snyder, Greg Capullo & Danny Miki:  Zero Year is a fun place for both Batman fans and non-fans alike to jump into the current story line that Scott & Greg have created.  Zero Year is going way, way back to how poor little rich boy, Bruce Wayne, not only became Batman, but what that first year was like for him after he decided to don the cape and cowl.  A nefarious group calling themselves the Red Hood Gang have descended on Gotham, determined to take the city down, no matter what it takes.  They also wear these red cone like things on their heads – very amusing, if you ask me.  But they are deadly and will stop at nothing to bring the city to its knees.  However, one thing they didn’t count on was Batman – well, he isn’t known as Batman yet.  So, they weren’t counting on a guy in a suit that looks like a bat.  A fun and fast paced story that readers can jump right into and get hooked – and, trust me, they will get hooked.  Plus – bonus!  Early Edward Nygma, and we all know who he turns in to, right?  (It’s the Riddler, by the way!).

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What Should They Read? The Walking Dead TV Edition

Zombie reading. Photo by Flickr user Steve Rhodes
A zombie enjoying some light reading. Photo by Flickr user Steve Rhodes

I love all things zombie and The Walking Dead TV series on AMC certainly gives me my fill every week. Even when I think I can’t watch any more because I’ll get too scared, I’m sucked in and then I’m talking about it with a friend the next day. A lot of the teens at the library where I work watch the show and read the graphic novels. In recent episodes one of the characters, Carl, asks for more comic books when other go out on a raid, and Carol reads to kids at a story time… before she also teaches them some crucial defensive knife skills! This got me to thinking about reading in the time of a zombie apocalypse. What do you do: read as many zombie novels as you can find because that’s how your life is now? Or read to escape your horrifying world?

The Walking Dead TV series, and comics to a certain extent, exist in a world that requires a bit of stretching of the imagination. There are zombies, after all. In keeping with that imaginations, here’s my hypothetical episode for this week: the gang goes on a raid into town looking for food and supplies when they stumble across a public library! Rick decides they should all get some reading material to get them through their brief downtimes when the zombies aren’t trying make dinner out of their brains. Fighting their way through a crowd of zombie librarians, they get to a safe space to hole up for a while: the YA section! Here are my recommendations for what each character should read.


If You Love Warm Bodies, Get Ready for a Dose of Zombie Romance

The idea of zombie romance is not new, but the odd little genre is growing in popularity even more since the release of the film Warm Bodies. Here are some titles that will delight and repulse you in equal measure.

i kissed a zombie and i liked it adam selzer coverIn I Kissed A Zombie and I Liked It by Adam Selzer, Ally meets Doug, a guy she thinks is just really goth, but it turns out he is a zombie. He is pale, never changes his suit, and speaks very softly. The local Megamart raised zombies from the dead to work in the stockroom. When the other supernatural creatures found out, they came out of the shadows and demanded equal rights. This is such a hilarious spoof on supernatural romance. Doug has an amazing personality, but he smells of embalming fluid and lives in a grave. This is a fun, quick read with a strong and funny female character and a love story based on character rather than just physical attraction.

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PPYA revisited: Short Takes

by flickr user visual.dichotomy

Of all the many booklists YALSA puts out every year, Popular Paperbacks for Young Adults (or PPYA) might be my favorite. It’s not that I don’t love the literary excellence recognized by the Printz or get excited by the new voices in YA literature lauded by the Morris. It’s just that PPYA is so useful. I spend a lot of time reading and thinking about YA literature. When awards season comes around, I’ve heard about and read many of the Best Fiction for Young Adultstitles and the Printz titles. Last year I managed to read all five Morris finalists before the winner was announced. PPYA, on the other hand, always brings something new to the table. Maybe it’s something that came out before I was a librarian. Maybe it’s something that slipped under my radar when it was first published. Either way, I can always count on PPYA when I want to find something new.

With my love of PPYA in mind, I decided to revisit an older list that I think could use some serious updating. One of the PPYA categories from 2000 is Short Takes. That list features 25 collections of short fiction and nonfiction that cover a huge range of topics–everything from horror to undergraduate life to prom night to multiculturalism. There are collections of stories by a single writer, like Chris Crutcher’s Athletic Shorts: Six Short Stories, and anthologies containing the work of many authors, like Stay True: Short Stories for Girls. It’s a great list, but all of the titles on it were published between ten and twenty years ago. It’s time for an update! With the diversity of the original list in mind, I present to you fifteen short story collections, published in the last ten years, now available in paperback–PPYA Short Takes for a new decade!

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Staking the Vampire

Smile! Your days are numbered!

It’s the beginning of the end, folks–for the Twilight series that is. As any Twi-fan knows, Breaking Dawn, Part 1 premiered last weekend, and it’s only a matter of time until “Part 2” wraps up the series in a happy little bow. Whether they like the Twilight saga or not, astute commentators must agree that those books changed the shape of teen literature, propelling paranormal romance, and vampires, to the top of the charts.

But have the blood-drinking sophisticates started to overstay their welcome? November 14th’s Hub poll determined that of all the trends in teen literature, “Vampires” was the one most Hub readers wanted to see go. So The Hub is here to ask the question “What next?” Towards which creature should we direct our adulation–or mockery? Who will put the stake in the vampire trend? Let’s examine the options.


Everything’s Coming Up Zombies

by felix42 contra la censura,

Several months ago, one of our excellent crew of bloggers posed this vital question – Why are zombies so popular these days? If you’ve been watching TV or surfing the Internet to an appreciable degree in the past few years, you may have noticed this trend yourself: zombie-themed books, movies, graphic novels, games and even zombie conventions are emerging like the unhallowed dead from their shallow graves. In fact if you’re reading this, you’ve probably participated in a hypothetical “how I would survive a zombie apocalypse” conversation at some point in your life. So what’s behind the amazing popularity of zombies? The Hub has put the finest minds of our generation to work answering this question, and the results are:

 The Four Pillars of Zombie Popularity

 1. A Convenient Apocalypse – As we have previously discussed, post apocalyptic books are becoming very popular, especially for teens. Post apocalyptic plots contain excellent opportunities for excitement and drama as the main characters are pitted against a hostile world, using only their ingenuity and grit to survive.