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  1. I have a book due out in August. How can I submit it for review? Thank you.

  2. Our YA department is looking for Teen’s Top Ten spine labels. Any suggestions on where we can locate some or a logo that we can use to create a label?

  3. Hi there! I just found this and want to thank you all for highlighting LIE — I am the biggest fan of my public library, the Plainview-Old Bethpage Public Library in Plainview, NY and young adult librarian Heather Greco — if there is an award for YA librarians, I want to nominate her!!

  4. Serena Steiner Serena Steiner

    hi there. I just found your website and its a great way to get input. I particularly liked maria kramer’s ‘the future sucks – a visitor’s guide to dystopia’. any chance she can tell me what theory/ other texts (if any) her three types of dystopia are based on?

  5. I love the YALSA’s Teen Book Finder app. Any chance book Lexile levels could be added? With Common Core, that would be a wonderful addition! Thanks.

    • Stephanie Kuenn Stephanie Kuenn

      Hi Sharon! That is not something we currently track with our books, but it is something we can consider for future updates. Thank you for the compliment and please leave a review in the iTunes store for us!

  6. Kim Kim

    Just realized that I used a different email on the 2013 Morris/Nonfiction Reading Challenge Finisher Form than the one I used to sign up for the challenge. Is that going to be a problem?

  7. Hi Gretchen et al, just read with interest the piece on YA authors Down Under and thought I’d drop you a line about my book, Grymm, which came out in the UK and Australia last year (I live in Sydney) to pretty good reviews (“This book is one of those that really does need to be read to be believed” & “Fairy tales made flesh in a modern day setting, and they make for a genuinely scary story. David Lynch meets Brothers Grimm … highly recommended” ). However, I seem unable to make the email work on the Contact Us link. Is there another way to contact you?
    Keith Austin

    • Hi Keith,

      Congratulations on your new book!

      Please be aware that, as a practice, YALSA does not promote individual titles on its web site or blogs, on its discussion lists, at conferences, etc. The only books our association promotes are the ones that receive our six literary awards or appear on our seven annual selected lists.

      You may send your book to the persons who chair our award and selection committees in hopes that they will nominate it for a selected list or award, but please be aware that each committee receives hundreds of books each year. You can learn more about the lists and awards on YALSA’s website. Contact information for all the committee chairs is also available from our web site.
      You can also send copies of your book to ALA’s Booklist magazine in hopes they’ll review it. You can learn more about that publication here.
      You can rent member mailing lists from the American Library Association. The person to contact is Maribeth Chapman at or (312) 280-2460.
      YALSA also has a young adult author page on its wiki. Please feel free to add your name and contact information to that list.
      If you are interested in promoting your new book, you might also consider purchasing an ad in YALSA’s award winning quarterly journal, Young Adult Library Services, and/or our e-newsletter. With a single ad you can directly reach over 5,900 school and public librarians who work with teens. Bill Spilman is our ad rep and can be reached at 1-877-878-3260. Details about our journal and advertising in it can be found here.
      If you have additional questions about YALSA, please don’t hesitate to get in touch with the YALSA office at 800-545-2433 ext 4390.

  8. Clair Clair

    I just read the post about type 1 diabetes in teen fiction. My tenth “diabetic birthday” is coming up, and I’ve been thinking about maybe trying to put together a collection of poems about living with the disease. Do you think this sort of thing would have an audience?

  9. I’m responding to a facebook post about your interest in YA books. I was informed that you are looking for YA books with Native American MC’s for the month of August. My MC in The Wildflower series is Native American. The second book in this series will release on July 18th. Here is a link to the first book.
    If you are interested please email me at

  10. Gae Seal Gae Seal

    Born in 1952 in California, I’m trying to find an influential book that taught me all the ballet positions through the story of a “crippled” girl whose doctor sends her to ballet lessons. As she progresses through the levels of ballet instruction, her handicap is overcome by the strengthening of weak muscles.

    Can anyone else remember this children’s book, its title, or author? Published in the 50s or 60s probably, so internet searching hasn’t turned anything up yet for me.

  11. I have just released a young adult book. How do I submit it to you?

  12. I have just released a young adult novel. How do I submit it to you?

  13. rosebear25 rosebear25

    Look im righting a book and need advice about it. got any topics that i can use for it and im kinda new about writting my first book

    thank you

  14. Ali Ali

    Hi! I was interested in doing a teen guest blog post on your blog! Who would I be able to contact regarding that? I’ve seen a few of them on the blog but am unsure how to submit myself to be a guest blogger! I love your blog!

    Ali :)

  15. Lily Bruzas Lily Bruzas

    Thank you for highlighting the issues with white washing Y.A. covers. My sister and I are both writers and she is a mother -it is so frustrating to see racism in any industry, let alone one geared towards young people. I just finished reading ‘Illuminate,’ by Aimee Agresti. Here is the description of the protagonist: My hair, skin and eyes were just one shade off from one another in the color spectrum: caramel skin, bone straight honey-brown hair and amber eyes…

    Yet the cover shows a white-skinned girl. Why? Do they really think a young person won’t enjoy a book if the protagonist has caramel-colored skin? I hope it changes, and thank you for being vocal about it.

    Lily Bruzas
    Lily Bruzas

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  17. Becca Worthington Becca Worthington

    Thank you so much for this wonderful site! You provide such terrific resources that I was hoping you might help with one more.

    My sister and her family recently moved back to America after many years of living in Bahrain, where both of her children were born and began schooling. Her daughter (early teens) is looking for YA books that represent the uniqueness of a third-culture kid experience. (My sister described a third culture kid as someone who spent a significant portion of their formative years in a country that is not their “passport country.”)

    I would love any suggestions that you have!

  18. I accidentally ran across your blog about racism in YA novels, especially the covers. I’ve been going back and forth about if I would change my back cover description of my novel The Last Prince of Atlantis. It’s been out for some time now and I am finally having a huge publishing house looking to publish it. I self published it. If you would like to write a blog about it or interview me. Please contact me. I also have another YA paranormal fantasy novel called Eve The Soul Reaper with a Black Fairy main character.

    Thank you,
    Leonard Clifton

  19. And don’t forget YA novels turned into YA movies by Hollywood re ”POTUS” offers NOTHING to say about Hollywood and the Cli Fi Movie Awards re alt.Oscars at ”korgw101” in the blogspot arena


    And just a note: Paolo Bacigalupi’s new novel for 2015, due out in May, is a YA novel about future water wars in the West and titled “The Water Knife” about so-called “water knives” in the novel who are terrorist who threaten water supplies in a water war between Phoenix and Las Vegas, and this cli fi novel is set to turn American readers upside down once they start reading. It’s his best cli fi effort yet! Get ready…. and yes Mindy McGinnis’s YA cli fi novels rock and I think she will complete them with last of her trilogy soon. Bravo all who labor in the cli fi field! It’s not easy getting people to pay attention but YA is where it’s at!

  20. Becca Becca

    I’ve looked through the list of YA LGBT books, and I didn’t see Beauty Queens, by Libba Bray. It’s a sarcastic book about a group of contestants in a beauty pageant whose plain crashed on a seemingly deserted island. It has several POC and LGBT characters, and is very sarcastic and one of the funniest books I’ve read, without being offensive or derogatory.

  21. Mindy Engler Mindy Engler

    Will we be doing the Morris/Nonfiction Challenge this year?

    • Yes! The announcement is forthcoming. Any books you read since the announcement will count!

  22. Donna Donna


    I was wondering how to add a book to one of the lists. I’ve read a great science fiction book that would be appropriate for ages 12 and up. It’s a throwback to the Hardy Boys style, but modernized. The book is The Year of Lightning by Ryan Dalton.

    • Hi Donna,

      If you’re talking about the award and selected lists, you can nominated newly published books.

      If you mean the lists that bloggers compile about certain topics or issues, those are the work of YALSA volunteer bloggers — if you’re interested in blogging for The Hub, read about the guidelines here and if you’re interested, you can indicate it on your YALSA volunteer form. If you have further questions, you can also contact me via email

  23. Amy Wheatley Amy Wheatley

    Is there no Hub Challenge this year? I’ve been watching for it & wondering. Thanks in advance!

  24. Pat Couts Pat Couts

    I am very interested in being a book reviewer for teen literature. Is there an application process?

  25. Leslie Leslie

    Do we not have to submit the 25 titles completed for the challenge? I didn’t see an area on the form for that.

  26. Hi, I am doing an art project for my high school and I was just wondering if someone knows the date for which Osamu’s first painting of Astro Boy was created.

  27. Winnie Shyam Winnie Shyam


    I would like to use your YA Literature graphic in a guide I created for YA Literature. Thanks so much in advance.

    Winnie Shyam

  28. I have a YA Sci-fi novel coming out in August and I would love to have it reviewed. How do I go about submitting my novel for review?

  29. Kimione Kimione

    Hello Yalsa team,
    I just wanted to say that I adore your posts. The reviews are succint, insightful and very well crafted and the recommended reads are always worth the time.
    I’m particularly a big fan of the interview section, the deep conversations you have with the authors in “one thing leads to another” featured column.
    Thanks for the amazing job you guys are doing here. This is my go to site for anything ya.

  30. Jeff Meade Jeff Meade

    Greetings all,

    I’m a 7th grade teacher at a French school in Dakar, Senegal. I work with 12-13 year olds in an International program, meaning classes are taught in English and based on an American curriculum. We’ve just spent the last two months studying fiction writing, and the students wrote a number of very interesting stories. We just did a unit on CliFi, and their CliFi stories are pretty awesome. I suggested we find somewhere to share them, like a fan fiction site that would be YA appropriate and CliFi oriented. Any suggestions?

    Thank you,

    Mr. Jeff

  31. Lana Warren Lana Warren

    I need help finding the Lexile levels of books. I am a high school ELA teacher. I was fond of Fab Lexile (or Lexile Fab), but that website has changed, and it is impossible to navigate from a mobile device. I downloaded two apps (Book Hound and 4Lexile), but neither of those will give me a Lexile level for a book. Since increasing Lexile level is the new focus in the state where I teach, this is very frustrating. I’m hoping you have advice.

  32. Regina Renee Ward Regina Renee Ward

    Hello. When will the 2020 Hub Reading Challenge begin?

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