Advocacy for the New Year (Fall 2012 Issue)

Fantastical iPhone app January 2013The fall issue of YALS focuses on advocacy with four articles featuring helpful, hands-on tips for librarians who work with teens. On January 1st, 2013 why not make a resolution to make advocacy something you are active in throughout the year. Why not:

  • Make a calendar of advocacy activities that you want to participate in? Write down an advocacy related activity for each week of the year or if that seems like too much to start with, make it one advocacy activity a month.
  • Regularly talk with others about what they are doing to advocate for teen library services? You’ll get ideas on what you can do and maybe find out you are already advocating without even realizing it.
  • Use social media – Twitter, Facebook, etc. – to help advocate for teen library services? Why not post at least once a week on your social media presence something about why what you do with teens in libraries is important to teens and the community? Use an advocacy hashtag, like #yaadvocacy, to help organize your posts. Continue reading