Learn More About Connected Learning and Libraries (Fall 2013 Preview)

learning about nature together photo by USFWS PacificThe fall issue of YALS, in mailboxes mid-October, is all about the future of libraries and teens. The future includes supporting teen passions, interests, and desires. The ideas of connected learning can help library staff succeed in doing that. In their article on connected learning and the future of libraries, Mimi Ito and Crystle Martin provide an overview of connected learning and ideas on how to connect the framework to library services for teens. Ito and Martin also provided a list of resources available for you to check-out to learn more about the topic.

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  • boyd, danah m., and Ellison, Nicole. “Social Network Sites: Definition, History, and Scholarship.” Journal of Computer-Mediated Communication 13, no. 1 (2007): article 11, accessed July 22, 2013. Continue reading

Getting the Word Out Creates Goodwill (Fall 2013 Preview)

image of flowers by Creative Commons Flickr user tedeytanStudents went back to school a few weeks ago, and library staff are gearing up to begin fall outreach endeavors, if they haven’t begun already. Outreach is often tied to marketing so this is a great time to start thinking about marketing strategies to reach teens inside and outside of the library. YALS is here to help. In her article Top Ten Tips for Marketing to Teens (coming in the Fall issue of YALS which will be in mailboxes in mid-October), Connie Urquhart shares some ideas to help library staff working with teens think outside the box when trying to market to teen audiences.
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The Future of Libraries & Teens (Fall 2013)

cover of fall 2013 YALSIn just a few weeks the fall 2013 issue of YALS will land in YALSA member and YALS subscriber mailboxes. The theme of the issue is the future of libraries and teens. The focus coincides with YALSA’s year of research and analysis on the topic of teen services in the future and is a pre-cursor to the publication of the association’s white paper on that topic. In the issue you will find articles on:

  • What library staff and advocates must focus on in order to achieve future success
  • What connected learning is and what it means to libraries
  • How educational trends will have an impact on school libraries
  • What the future of LIS education needs to entail, encompass, and look like Continue reading

A Getting Started Transmedia List (Summer 2013)

In the summer 2013 issue of YALS, Rachel McDonald and Jackie Parker provide an overview of what transmedia is, how to evaluate transmedia titles, and what teens have to say about the varieties of transmedia. The following is a list of transmedia titles you and the teens you work with might want to check out.

Web-based Transmedia:
Most of us are fairly familiar with web-based transmedia through popular series like Skeleton Creek. This may be the most accessible form of transmedia, as many teens are likely to have Internet access in multiple places.

Cathy’s Book
Originally published in 2006, Cathy’s Book contains an evidence packet filled with letters, phone numbers, pictures, and birth certificates, as well as doodles and notes written by Cathy in the page margins. This is one of the first examples of a young adult book incorporating alternative reality game elements. Over 1000 readers have discussed their theories online at www.cathysbook.com about where Cathy ends up after the book, where Victor is, whether Cathy’s father is dead or alive, etc. In 2010, Cathy’s Book was revamped and released as an app for the iPod touch and iPhone.
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An Interview with the Roadtripping Librarian (Summer 2013)

Over the summer YALS author Talya Sokoll traveled across the United States to learn about library services and collections for teens. Talya paid particular attention to space and collections that support the needs of LGBT teens. In this 10 minute video interview I talk with Talya about her trip and what she learned about library services during her travels.

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