Learning Dreams at the Library (Fall 2013)

In her article in the fall issue of YALS, Ali Turner discusses how the library’s partnership with Learning Dreams, a program at the University of Minnesota, helped to invigorate and expand homework help initiatives at the Hennepin County Library. This library project provides good ideas for thinking about the future of homework help and in turn the future of library services to teens – the theme of the fall 2013 issue of YALS.

The Learning Dreams website is filled with information on how the program works and includes several videos of learners and partners. The one below provides a good sense of what the program is all about.

A key aspect of Learning Dreams is to connect learners with experts on topics learners are interested in. That is also a key aspect of Connected Learning – another topic covered in the fall issue of YALS.

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The Ins and Outs of Managing Youth Services (Fall 2013)

The fall issue of YALS is all about the future of libraries and teens. This post highlights one of the articles in the issue on managing youth services in a public library.

creative commons image of meeting by Kifo The easiest way to create a chaotic working environment and discredit yourself as a manager is to be exclusive and detached.

 A year ago while preparing for a presentation about motivating staff, especially during tough times, I conducted surveys geared towards managers and employees. The results showed that both managers and staff appreciate being included in organizational decision making as well as being updated with potential changes that could reflect the way they work. Furthermore, even when final decision didn’t occur in employees’ favor, they still felt included if asked their opinions and were given genuine consideration.
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The Future of Libraries & Teens – White Paper Open for Comments

national forum on libraries and teens logoThe fall 2013 issue of YALS compliments the work YALSA has been doing over the past year as a part of the IMLS-funded National Forum on Libraries and Teens. The outcome of the project is a white paper that outlines findings from the year-long project and helps libraries, stakeholders, teens, community members, and others to think about and envision the future of library service to adolescents.

For the next two weeks YALSA is making it possible for anyone, yes anyone, to comment on the draft of the white paper. That means you, and those you work with – both inside and outside of the library. The association wants to make sure that the paper resonates with those working in the field and sets out a view of the future that is clear and well-articulated. The authors are also looking for your, yes your, examples that can help to expand and support what’s included in the document.
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The Future of Libraries at 30,000 Feet (Fall 2013 Preview)

In just about a week subscribers will receive their copy of YALS in the mail. The theme of the issue is the Future of Libraries and Teens and connects to YALSA’s year-long IMLS funded research project. The issue includes a wide-range of articles on the theme including one by Alan Inouye the Director of ALA’s Office for Information Technology Policy (OITP). In his article Inouye takes a big picture approach and highlights four areas that must be considered as the future becomes today. He includes a very useful set of resources for those who want to delve into the topic more. Here are those resources: