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Currently, the Summer 2014 issue is available for access. As each digital issue becomes available, announcements will be made via this site so please stay tuned for updates!

Resources for Serving Homeless LGBTQ Teens (Fall 2014)

In the fall 2014 issue of YALS – with the theme Yes I Can! – Julie Winkelstein and Jama Shelton give readers insights into the importance of working with homeless LGBTQ teens. The authors also put together the following list of resources for library staff to use when learning more about the topic and implementing services to the population.

Nationwide, around-the-clock suicide prevention helpline for LGBTQ youth: 866.488.7386

On the Web
Family Acceptance Project
This project offers excellent resources on families and acceptance of their LGBTQ children. The information could be used for a family program at the library. An excellent place to start is with the video: “Always My Son.” Other resources include research, free publications, and news. Libraries are not mentioned – but they could be and should be.

Forty to None Project
This project raises awareness about and addresses LGBTQ youth homelessness. It has great resources for parents, youth, teachers and service providers.
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Toolkit for Expanded Learning: A YALS Overview

young people learning while sitting at a tableDeveloped by leading members of Collaborative for Building After-School Systems (CBASS), Toolkit for Expanded Learning is, as the website says, “intended to provide resources for city agencies, school districts, intermediaries and other organizations interested in implementing or strengthening city-wide expanded learning opportunities….”

The Toolkit site is broken down into three different categories and a set of sub-categories. In each section there are downloadable resources aimed at giving users the skills and information needed in order to succeed in expanding learning in out-of-school-time settings. Categories covered include:
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