Quick (and Useful) Collection Development – Awards & Lists Version

2013 YALSA Best of the Best logoThe spring issue of YALS is all about YALSA’s awards and lists and of course adding titles to library collections for teens is a part of a library’s collection development.

Many (most?) school librarians are placing summer book orders, enabling them to have wonderful new books on display when students return in September (or August, for some of you).  Public librarians are always looking for great new teen reads to help keep up with demand.  What could be better than following the awards and lists and choosing from them?
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The Club Formerly Known as Printz (Spring 2013)

In Darkness by Nick Lake coverThe spring issue of YALS is filled with articles on YALSA’s annual booklists and awards. But, of course, awards and lists are not a once-a-year kind of thing. Throughout the year library staff working with teens sponsor events related to books that appear on lists and that have won awards. Staff also work with young adults on projects where they – the teens – get to choose what should win the next award. One great example of that kind of program is covered on the YALSAblog and The Hub in a post by Sharon Grover titled The Club Formerly Known as Printz. Check it out to find out how teens can get so excited about reading books that they move from one program purpose to another.

If you are a YALSA member YALS is a perk of your membership dues. If not a member learn how to join, or learn how to subscribe.

Life on an Awards or Lists Committee (Spring 2013)

The Spring 2013 issue of YALS is all about the association’s awards and lists and in this video, with Laura Pearle, chair of the YALS Editorial Advisory Board and current chairs of many of YALSA’s awards and lists, you’ll learn a bit about what it’s like to be a member of one of these committees. Find out:

  • What the reading load is like and how to manage it.
  • What it takes to feel comfortable speaking up in committee meetings.
  • General advice on how and why to it’s worth being involved in this work.

If you are interested in participating in a YALSA selected list committee you will want to fill out a volunteer form. If you are interested in being on the ballot for an awards committee you’ll need to fill out a nomination form, or you can contact the Chair of the Awards Governance Committee, Pam Spencer Holley. In order to serve you have to be a member of the association.

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And What About Alex (Spring 2013)

alex award logoThe Spring 2013 issue of YALS is all about the association’s awards and lists. This blog post presents an edited conversation with Angela Carstensen, co-editor of SLJ’s Adult Books 4 Teens (AB4T) blog, editor of Outstanding Books for the College Bound [2011] and former Alex Award Committee member about brining the award to teens.

Q: We hear so much about Mock Printz, Newberry and Caldecott programs – why don’t we hear about a Mock Alex program?

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Running for YALSA Board: Is it a Good Idea for You? (Spring 2013)

people having fun at a meeting creative commons license lars plougmanIn the spring 2013 issue of YALS, YALSA Past-President Sarah Flowers, writes about running for YALSA Board and why YOU – yes YOU – might be interested in taking the plunge. (Even if you think that you aren’t cut out for it.) In the article Sarah includes information on resources that are worth investigating for anyone considering a leadership position in the association. You might want to take a look at:

  • Benefits of Board Membership – Maybe you are thinking, “what do I gain from being a Board member?” A lot actually. Read through this list for a good idea of exactly what you’ll get from being a member of YALSA’s Board of Directors. Continue reading

They’re Here – 2013 YALSA Selected List Reproducibles (Spring 2013)

Spring 2013 YALS Best of the Best coverThe spring 2013 issue of YALS is all about YALSA’s selected lists and awards. There are articles about the Odyssey Award and the Excellence in Nonfiction for Young Adults Award. There is information about all of YALSA’s annual selected lists. But, one thing is missing from the print version of the journal, that’s a full set of selected list reproducibles. But, no worries, they are right here on the YALS site, easily accessible for you to download and reproduce for teens and others in your community. There’s even a file that includes all of the lists in one. So, go for it. Reproduce away. (By the way, all files are in PDF.)

Of course you’ll want to read all of the articles in the spring issue and visit this site every week for content that connects to what’s in the print version of the publication.

If you are a YALSA member YALS is a perk of your membership dues. If not a member learn how to join, or learn how to subscribe.

E-books Are a Big Deal! (Spring 2013)

image of woman on the beach reading an ebook by creative commons FlickrIn the spring 2013 issue of YALS an article by Marijke Visser and Chanitra Bishop covers the latest in the ins and outs of e-book publishing and libraries. The article includes an overview of the challenges libraries and publishers face when it comes to e-books and some of the differences between e-book and traditional print publishing and purchasing.

The article includes a very useful list of resources for keeping up and learning more about the world of e-books, libraries, and publishing. The list below is a one-stop-shop for accessing the resources mentioned. Keep in mind that the world of e-books and e-book publishing is moving and changing quickly. The best way to keep up is to keep reading and learning via blogs and other regularly updated resources.
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YALS Spring 2013 Issue Best of the Best

Spring YALS cover - best of the bestIn just a few days the spring issue of YALS will be mailed to YALSA members and journal subscribers. The theme of the issue is Best of the Best and it’s full of information about:

  • The winners of the 2013 YALSA Awards and titles selected for all of YALSA’s lists. You can read about the selections in the journal and then right here, on this site, you’ll be able to download (starting next week) reproducible copies of the awards and lists so you can give those out in your community to teens, teachers, parents, etc.
  • The Hub Reading Challenge where anyone, anyone, can sign-up to read 25 titles from YALSA’s selected lists over the next couple of months. Those that complete the challenge will have the chance to win fabulous prizes. Continue reading