Common Core Resources Too Good To Miss (Winter 2013)

In her article on how New York City school librarians are connecting with teachers and students through the Common Core, Elizabeth Naylor-Gutierrez writes, “The adoption of the Common Core Learning Standards (CCLS) is a gift to school librarians — the CCLS emphasis on the process of learning aligns perfectly with the framework of information fluency skills that guides instruction in the library program.” She then goes on to outline how New York City school library staff are connecting with teachers and students through the Common Core. To support these connections the New York City Department of Education Office of Library Services developed a variety of tools. These can help others to move forward with the Common Core in their own school.

  • Common Core Task Alignment: “Aligning instructional materials to the Common Core standards ensures that our students are being taught and assessed on what they are expected to learn and know.”
  • Common Core Workshop series LibGuide: Information and resources that support the City’s Common Core training for library staff.
  • Consultancy Protocol: A protocol for evaluating student work.
  • EngageNY: “A collaborative platform for educators.”
  • EngageNY Common Core Shifts: “…describes in detail the six instructional shifts needed to effectively implement the Common Core State Standards (CCSS) in ELA/Literacy and the six shifts to implement them in Math.”
  • Information Fluency Continuum: “The K-12 information and inquiry skills students must master to develop into independent, college and career ready learners.” (file in pdf)
  • MyLibraryNYC: “…an innovative new pilot program for school and public libraries in New York City. It encourages student reading by expanding student and teacher access to public library books and removing common barriers to borrowing them.”

Naylor-Gutierrez ends her article this way, “The only thing worse than not getting an opportunity to impact student learning is to be unprepared for the opportunity when it comes knocking. Implementation of the Common Core Learning Standards is knocking and it is the goal of the Office of Library Services to make sure that NYC school librarians who are up to the challenge of leadership in this season of opportunity have the support and tools they need to help every student in their schools fulfill his/her potential and develop into an independent, college and career ready learner.”

Use the resources above to support your work in order to have an impact on student learning in your community.

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