Hennepin County Library Speaks Advocacy Through Video (Fall 2012 Issue)

The Fall 2012 issue of YALS includes an article by Maureen Hartman (Coordinating Librarian for Youth Literacy and Learning at the Hennepin County Library) titled Good Teen Librarians Make Great Library Advocates. The article focuses on the ways library staff working with teens can build relationships and partnerships in order to advocate successfully for the age group. Not only are staff at the Hennepin County Library building collaborations, partnerships, and relationships they are also producing videos to help get the word out about the importance of serving teens in libraries.

When asked about the video Maureen wrote:

We wanted the video to speak to a variety of audiences and have shared it with potential funders, our County Commissioners and staff. We thought this was an important aspect in order to connect with stakeholders including library staff, parents, elected officials and funders. We wanted to tell the story about the work we are doing — to show the important role we believe the Hennepin County Library has in our communities and in the after school field as a whole.

I have a lot of ideas about other videos we could make that will continue to tell the library story to mainstream audience. I think a short video is the perfect way to tell a number of stories that are hard to tell via a grant application, conversation or presentation. The video format can also include the important contributions of young people who are impacted by the program.

The library has produced and partnered with other organizations to make other videos. Check them out as well:

Check out the fall issue of YALS to read Maureen Hartman’s article on advocacy, along with more content on advocating for high quality service to teens. If you are a YALSA member YALS is a perk of your membership dues. If not a member learn how to join, or learn how to subscribe.

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