Life on an Awards or Lists Committee (Spring 2013)

The Spring 2013 issue of YALS is all about the association’s awards and lists and in this video, with Laura Pearle, chair of the YALS Editorial Advisory Board and current chairs of many of YALSA’s awards and lists, you’ll learn a bit about what it’s like to be a member of one of these committees. Find out:

  • What the reading load is like and how to manage it.
  • What it takes to feel comfortable speaking up in committee meetings.
  • General advice on how and why to it’s worth being involved in this work.

If you are interested in participating in a YALSA selected list committee you will want to fill out a volunteer form. If you are interested in being on the ballot for an awards committee you’ll need to fill out a nomination form, or you can contact the Chair of the Awards Governance Committee, Pam Spencer Holley. In order to serve you have to be a member of the association.

Full information on YALSA’s lists and awards, including nomination forms for each list or award, is available on the YALSA website.

Chairs that participated in this video are:

Tessa Barber is serving her 3rd year on the Great Graphic Novels for Teens Committee and her 1st as Chair.

Lisa Goldstein works as a youth services librarian and branch supervisor for the Brooklyn Public Library in Brooklyn, NY. Currently the chair of Popular Paperbacks for Young Adults, she has also served on YALSA’s Great Graphic Novels for Teens committee.

Jamison Hedin is a first-time chair leading the 2014 Excellence in Nonfiction Award Committee. She really hopes she’s doing it right.

Jennifer Lawson is an audibook-ophile and has served on both the Odyssey and AAYA, in addition to the Alex and this year’s Printz!

Sarah Townsend is the current Chair of Best Fiction for Young Adults, and if you don’t hear from her, it’s likely she’s trapped under a fallen stack of the hoard of amazing books she’s picked up from being on YALSA selection committees.

Dorcas Wong served on the Great Graphic Novels for Teens committee for several awesome years and is now serving as the Morris Award committee chair, on the lookout for new YA authors.

If you are a YALSA member YALS is a perk of your membership dues. If not a member learn how to join, or learn how to subscribe.

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