Quick (and Useful) Collection Development – Awards & Lists Version

2013 YALSA Best of the Best logoThe spring issue of YALS is all about YALSA’s awards and lists and of course adding titles to library collections for teens is a part of a library’s collection development.

Many (most?) school librarians are placing summer book orders, enabling them to have wonderful new books on display when students return in September (or August, for some of you).  Public librarians are always looking for great new teen reads to help keep up with demand.  What could be better than following the awards and lists and choosing from them?

In addition to the various ALA-related awards, most states have book awards for teens.  Luckily for us, in January 2000, Melissa Depper of Colorado’s Blue Spruce Young Adult Book Award Committee compiled a relatively comprehensive list for PUBYAC, now publicly hosted on Cynthia Leich Smith’s site. If you don’t have the time or energy (or budget) to do a Mock Printz/Morris/etc., why not do a Mock [state award name]?  It’s a great way to bring local authors in to the library and get your teens reading “local” lit.

If you want to follow the awards, of course there are many Mock blogs out there – just search for “Mock Printz” and see what comes up.  Here at YALSA we have the YALSABlog and The Hub, both of which cover the various awards and lists.  YALSABlog’s awards category includes posts about upcoming events and awards news, as well as past Youth Media Awards coverage (like this post from the January 2013 ceremony).  Over on the Hub, the awards category brings up great posts from the Hub Reading Challenge and information about  Popular Paperbacks.

Given all the “chores” that take up our time, why not use the YALSA awards and lists as a useful collection development tool – not just at awards time, but all year long?

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