Coming Soon: Connecting & Collecting the Spring 2014 Issue of YALS

spring 2014 issue of YALS cover - connecting and collecting In about a week YALS subscribers and YALSA members will find the newest issue of YALS in their mailboxes. The theme of the issue is Connecting and Collecting and feature articles on:

  • How the Weinberg Foundation is helping to re-invent Baltimore Public School libraries by providing funding to re-envision space, collections and staffing at elementary and middle school libraries.
  • The amazing ways that library staff working with teens have used Best Buy funding to develop technology-based programming for and with teens. Continue reading

Life on an Awards or Lists Committee (Spring 2013)

The Spring 2013 issue of YALS is all about the association’s awards and lists and in this video, with Laura Pearle, chair of the YALS Editorial Advisory Board and current chairs of many of YALSA’s awards and lists, you’ll learn a bit about what it’s like to be a member of one of these committees. Find out:

  • What the reading load is like and how to manage it.
  • What it takes to feel comfortable speaking up in committee meetings.
  • General advice on how and why to it’s worth being involved in this work.

If you are interested in participating in a YALSA selected list committee you will want to fill out a volunteer form. If you are interested in being on the ballot for an awards committee you’ll need to fill out a nomination form, or you can contact the Chair of the Awards Governance Committee, Pam Spencer Holley. In order to serve you have to be a member of the association.

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YALS wins fifth APEX Award for Publication Excellence

Communications Concepts honored Young Adult Library Services (YALS), the quarterly journal of the Young Adult Library Services Association (YALSA) with its fifth Award of Excellence from the APEX Awards for Publication Excellence.

YALS was recognized in the category of Print Journals and Magazines over 32 pages. The journal won for its Winter 2012 issue, which focused on Science, Technology, Engineering and Math (STEM) content in libraries. Megan Honig edited the issue.

YALS is the official journal of YALSA. It serves as a vehicle for continuing education for librarians serving young adults, ages twelve through eighteen. It includes articles of current interest to the profession, acts as a showcase for best practices, provides news from related fields, spotlights significant events of the organization and offers in-depth reviews of professional literature.

The APEX Awards are chosen based on excellence in graphic design, editorial content and the success of the entry in achieving overall communications effectiveness and excellence. More than 600 journals and magazines entered the annual competition. Fifty-eight journals and magazines, including YALS, were honored in its category. A full list of winners is available at

Evildoings, Deadly Exes, and Rock and Roll!

Read- and Listen-Alikes Supporting the Fabulous Films for Young Adults 2012 List

by the Fabulous Films for Young Adults Committee

The following article appears in the Spring 2012 issue of Young Adult Library Services.

YALSA’s Fabulous Films for Young Adults 2012 list has been announced! The 2012 theme was “Song and Dance,” and over the ten-month nomination period, committee members, fellow librarians, YALSA members, and teens nominated more than one hundred titles. The committee was pleased and surprised to see that nominators found many ways to interpret our theme, and we selected the best of the best films that would appeal to young adults ages 12–18. The committee is especially pleased to have selected titles that will enhance library collections as well as support young adult programming.

Our committee’s function is to annually select films especially significant to young adults from those currently available for purchase. The committee is then charged to prepare one annotated list, based on the chosen theme, of at least ten and no more than twenty-five recommended titles. The Fabulous Films for Young Adults list is tangible evidence that YALSA believes moving images play an important role in the life of a young adult.
Some titles present beloved tales, while others take on social issues that span the past and present. Still other films offer fun, catchy songs and conversations that will have you singing and quoting your way through the stacks.

To support our list, the committee has created a list of read/listen alikes that will enhance your collection and programming.

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