Teens, Books, and Spirituality (Summer 2013)

The summer 2013 issue of YALS included an article on teen reading, libraries, and books with religious themes. Article author, Margaret Auguste, put together a list of titles for teens with religious themes. Take a look and consider adding them to your collection, if you don’t have them already.

Crossing the Deep, by Kelly Martin
Sixteen year old Rachel Harker, is a Christian girl who goes on a church hiking trip to the Smokey Mountains in Tennessee, expecting it to be picturesque and majestic. Asher Jenkins, who is also attending the trip, is not a Christian and knows that he does not fit in with the rest of the group and yet, he has decided to go along on the trip in order to avoid his difficult personal life. The last thing that he or Rachel expects is that they will both be stranded together in the woods and will have to depend upon each other for survival. Their predicament puts their faith into the forefront as Rachel uses her faith in God to give her strength and Asher, who does not believe in God, is forced to examine what role, if any Faith has in his life.

Perfectly Ridiculous 3: A Universally Misunderstood Novel, by Kristin Billerbeck
Author Kristin Billerbeck, decided upon her spiritual path during college and when she became a writer decided to write books with that viewpoint in mind. The Universally Misunderstood series is a series about a Daisy, a Christian girl who calls upon her faith to make decision and as a foundation for her life. In this particular part of her journey, Daisy, is excited for her last summer before college. She has managed to arrange for a trip to Argentina with her best friend Claire to where her boyfriend Max also lives.  However, her plans are ruined when she discovers she has to complete mission work in order to qualify for college. Her parents accompany her and instead of the romance she has planned for she comes in contact with scorpions and has to sleep on a cot. Daisy worries about not being the daughter her parent’s wanted because she looks for a path in life that is much different than what her parents want for her, all issues that are confronted and explored during the trip that becomes much more special than she ever thought it would. 

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Summer 2013 Issue: Teen Reading

summer 2013 yals cover - teen readingIn just a few days you’ll find in your mailbox the latest issue of YALS. Summer 2013 is all about teen reading and includes articles on:

  • How to use action research to discover what teens really want to read and how to tie that into Teen Read Week
  • Young adults in trans* lit
  • Religion and spirituality in young adult literature
  • Fan fiction and fan culture
  • Transmedia
  • Genrefying library collections

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