YALSA Tune-Up (Winter 2015)

photo of bike mechanics by Creative Commons Flickr user RogerHave you ever wondered how to access a webinar that’s been hosted by YALSA? Or maybe you’ve got a deep burning desire to be involved in YALSA in your hometown or state? The Winter 2015 issue of YALS helps answer these and other questions most members have by challenging you to check your knowledge of what YALSA has to offer and ways for you to get involved by asking you to take a brief survey and get a YALSA Tune-Up.

As a member of YALSA’s Board of Directors for the last two years, I can tell you that the number one question I heard from our members was – how can I get involved. Secondly, most other questions revolved around how/where to find information about… (fill in the blank!) To be sure, YALSA is a big organization with over 5100 members and 73 committees, juries, advisory boards and task forces charged with doing the work of YALSA. It’s hard for all of us to keep track of where things are and how to go about getting it done.

Be sure to check out the current issue of YALS to check in and get a YALSA Tune-Up!