The Future of Libraries & Teens – White Paper Open for Comments

national forum on libraries and teens logoThe fall 2013 issue of YALS compliments the work YALSA has been doing over the past year as a part of the IMLS-funded National Forum on Libraries and Teens. The outcome of the project is a white paper that outlines findings from the year-long project and helps libraries, stakeholders, teens, community members, and others to think about and envision the future of library service to adolescents.

For the next two weeks YALSA is making it possible for anyone, yes anyone, to comment on the draft of the white paper. That means you, and those you work with – both inside and outside of the library. The association wants to make sure that the paper resonates with those working in the field and sets out a view of the future that is clear and well-articulated. The authors are also looking for your, yes your, examples that can help to expand and support what’s included in the document.

What’s included? Good question.

  • The white paper opens with an overview of the past year and the activities YALSA sponsored, or took part in, to learn about the future of libraries and teens.
  • The next section focuses on a paradigm shift in library service to teens and outlines what that shift is, where it is taking us, and what libraries must do to get on board.
  • Then on to a vision, mission, and core values for library services to teens.
  • A set of recommendations follows the vision and mission and includes what you, and those in your community inside and outside of the library, can do to support the future of libraries and teens.
  • The conclusion of the white paper gives readers some questions to answer as they move forward supporting teens in libraries.

What are you waiting for? Download the white paper, read it, and comment using the form available online.

YALSA appreciates your input and knows that the feedback from the community of those working and living with teens will help guarantee an even stronger outcome to their work over the past year.

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