YALS Fall 2012 It’s All About Advocacy

Soon YALSA members (and YALS subscribers) will see the fall issue of YALS in their mailboxes. The theme of the issue is advocacy and it’s filled with articles on the importance of speaking up for teens in school and public libraries. For example:

  • Maureen Hartman, Hennepin County (MN) Library, writes about how building partnerships with community organizations can help you to advocate for young adults.
  • Heather Gruenthal, Anaheim (CA) School District, provides an A-Z on how to be a strong advocate for teens in the school community.
  • Ellin Klor, Santa Clara (CA) City Library, talks teen parenting and how a strong program for teen parents helps those working with the age group to advocate for the age group.
  • Krista King, Boone County (KY) Public Library, lets readers know how teens got involved in her library’s strategic planning process and as a result spoke up for themselves in the library and the community.

The issue also includes articles about libraries and teen space, including information on YALSA’s new National Teen Space Guidelines.

And, that’s not all. Starting with this post, every Tuesday there will be new content on the YALS site related to what’s in each current issue of YALS. Over the next several weeks, to compliment the fall issue of the journal, you’ll get to watch advocacy videos from the Hennepin County Library, learn about some great teen spaces around the United States, and hear a bit more about YALSA’s badging project and how it can help you to advocate for the importance of teen library services staff.

If you have any questions about YALS feel free to get in touch with me at, lbraun@leonline.com.

Just in case you are wondering about the figures on the cover of the fall issue, we have cites for you:

  • Only 33% of public libraries have a YA librarian (“PLDS Statistical Report,”PLA,2012)
  • The number of school librarians in US shrank by7% from ’04 & ’11(“School Librarian Numbers Decline from 2004–2005 to 2010–2011, ”Library Research Service, 2012)
  • Only 62% of the nation’s youth have access to a school library (“Digest of Education Statistics 2010,” NCES)
  • 57% of public libraries report flat or decreased budgets in ’12 (“2011–2012 Libraries Connect Communities:Public Library Funding & Technology Access Study,” ALA)
  • 62% of public libraries are the only source of free access to the Internet in their towns (“2011–2012 Libraries Connect Communities:Public Library Funding & Technology Access Study,”ALA)

Check out the fall issue of YALS lots of useful content on advocating for high quality service to teens. If you are a YALSA member YALS is a perk of your membership dues. If not a member learn how to join, or learn how to subscribe.

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