Juried Posters from YALSA’s Research Poster Session at ALA Annual 2011

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Title: Teaching K-12 Digital Citizenship
Lesley Farmer, EdD
College of Education, California State University Long Beach

Digital Citizenship

Title: Silencing the Internal Censor in YA Collection Development
Robin Fogle Kurz
PhD Candidate and Instructor
School of Library & Information Science, The University of South Carolina

Title: A Tale of Two Covers: U.S. Teen Responses to Swedish and U.S. Book Cover Art
Annette Y. Goldsmith
University of Washington Information School; University of Southern California School of Social Work and USC Libraries

Title: Exploring the Everyday Life Information Needs, Practices, and Challenges of Young Adults with Intellectual Disabilities
Dana Hanson-Baldauf
PhD Candidate and Instructor
The University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill

Title: LGBTQ Homeless Youth and Public Libraries
Julie Ann Winkelstein
PhD Candidate and Instructor
School of Information Sciences, University of Tennessee

Poster’ References (in order horizontally, starting at the top of the poster)

‘ Ingram, G.B. (1997). Marginality and the landscapes of erotic alien(n)nations. In G.B. Ingram A.-M. Bouthillette, & Y. Retter (Eds.), Queers in space: Communities/public spaces/sites of resistance (pp.27-52). Seattle, WA: Bay Press.

Goldman, L. (2008). Coming out, coming in: Nurturing the well-being and inclusion of gay youth in mainstream society. New York, NY: Routledge.

Professional 1, Interview, 2011

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