The Journal of Research on Libraries and Young Adults is an open-access, peer-reviewed online research journal published by the Young Adult Library Services Association. Its purpose is to enhance the development of theory, research, and practices to support young adult library services, as emphasized in’ YALSA’s National Research Agenda. As of March 2012, JRLYA does not publish quarterly.

Journal of Research on Libraries and Young Adults promotes and publishes high quality original research concerning the informational and developmental needs of young adults; the management, implementation, and evaluation of library services for young adults; and other critical issues relevant to librarians who work with young adults. The journal also includes literary and cultural analysis of classic and contemporary writing for young adults.

As the online, open-access, peer-reviewed journal of the Young Adult Library Services Association, Journal of Research on Libraries and Young Adults distributes major research findings worldwide through electronic publication. The primary audience for Journal of Research on Libraries and Young Adults includes academics, public librarians, school library media specialists, and secondary school educators who advocate for young adults and strive to support their developmental and educational needs.

Journal of Research on Libraries and Young Adults invites manuscripts that meet the review criteria provided in the manuscript policy. Manuscripts may be based on original qualitative or quantitative research, an innovative conceptual framework, or a substantial literature review that opens new areas of inquiry and investigation. The journal recognizes the contributions other disciplines make to expanding and enriching theory, research and practice in young adult library services and welcomes manuscripts from them.

Purpose and Scope of the Journal

  • To serve as a vehicle for disseminating research of interest to librarians, library workers’  and academics who focus on library service to young adults, ages 12 through 18.
  • To provide researchers with a respected vehicle for publishing research of interest to professionals who focus on library services to young adults.
  • To serve as the official research publication of the association, including but not limited to publishing annotated lists of recent research from YALSA’s Research Committee, Henne Award winning research and papers from YALSA’s annual Young Adult Services Symposium.
  • The scope of the journal includes all aspects of library services to young adults at every level and for all types of libraries.


Please contact Robin Moeller, editor, at yalsaresearch@gmail.com to discuss submissions and use the author guidelines.

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