YA Reads For Perfecting Your Triple Toe Loop

photo by flickr user Richard Bowen
photo by flickr user Richard Bowen

The figure skating competition for the 2014 Winter Olympics is just a few days away. It’s always been my favorite part of the Winter Olympics. Gracie Gold, 18, seems to be able to capture hearts with her smile and her sheer talent.  Polina Edwards at 15 seems so excited and shows so much love for the sport. Her enthusiasm is contagious. Ashley Wagner at 22 seems determined to make this her year. Her strength dominates the ice when she’s out there.

With these three amazing athletes, is it any wonder I find myself wishing to be able to skate? In their honor, we’re gearing up with a fun book list and some entertaining movies.

Untitled-1Being Sloane Jacobs by Lauren Morrill
When Sloane Emily Jacobs, a socialite who fell from grace at the junior nationals, bumps into Sloane Devon Jacobs, a hockey player with a little too much aggression, both girls see this meeting for the opportunity it is. They decide to switch places for the summer in hopes of relieving the stress and pressure from their respective sports. Do they have what it takes to skate a mile in the other’s skates?

Bittersweet by Sarah Ockler
Hudson intentionally threw her last figure skating competition after learning a secret about her father. She hasn’t skated since that secret tore her life apart. Three years later, she’s earned the nickname the Cupcake Queen helping her mother and brother at their family diner.  Hudson hasn’t given up on her dream though and she might have a new way to achieve it.

Double Twist by Donna King
Laura and her partner hope to medal in an ice-dancing championship in Montreal. Their excitement overpowers the strenuous workouts, until an accident ruins their plans. When Patrick goes down, his knee injury prevents him from the competition. Laura sinks into depression, until she thinks of a brilliant plan to stay in the competition. She finds a boy who might work as a quick substitute- if only she can convince him to dance with her.

Better Latte Than Never (Originally titled Frozen Rodeo) by Catherine Clark
Peggy Flemming Farrell prefers to be called Flemming and desperately hopes to escape Lindville.  Unfortunately, she’s stuck working in a coffee shop to pay her parents back for crashing their station wagon  while  babysitting her siblings, helping around the house and watching her father trying to make a comeback in ice skating. When she befriends another girl, forms a friendship with the boys she works with, and makes out with a new guy, her summer could be looking up?

Gold Medal Winter by Donna Freitas
After Esperanza Flores stole the silver medal at Nationals, she’s on her way to the Olympics. Her teammates aren’t happy to be sharing the trip with a nobody. It seems that everyone wants  something different from her- including a few boys. Will Esperanza let all the attention distract her or will she stay true to skating?

LAWKILife as We Knew It by Susan Beth Pfeffer (2007 Best Books for Young Adults, 2007 Teens’ Top Ten)
Miranda loves ice skating. Skating is a relief from the drastic world she lives in after a meteor hit the moon pulling it closer to Earth and causing devastating effects. She even has a moment with a favorite for Olympic gold.

Murder On Ice by Alina Adams
Bex works as a researcher for the 24/7 network. She’s helping cover the World Figure Skating Championships. The announcers argue over the winners –even going so far as to say someone bribed a judge. When the judge turns up murdered the next morning, the police believe it to be an accident, but with the accusation of bribery, Bex isn’t convinced. After a little digging, she’s  sure it’s murder. If she wants to keep her job, Bex needs to solve this crime and fast.

Sugar and Ice by Kate Messner
In this middle grade title, Claire has so much going on in her life– but one day, all that changes when a famous Russian coach sees her skate at the annual Maple Show. She lands a double toe loop, impressing him greatly. He offers her a scholarship to skate at the school in Lake Placid for the summer. She almost doesn’t take it; the drive is long, and the maple sap is just starting to run, making it the busiest time of year on the farm.  Plus, she’s terrified of competing.  But Claire can’t let fear dominate her life. Claire’s not expecting the crazy intense schedule, sabotage from her teammates or all the pressure from her coach. Can she overcome all the odds and prove herself to everyone that she belongs on the ice?

Undercover by Beth Kephart
Elisa knows that boys need a little help, so she ghostwrites their love letters. Now, she has her sights set on one particular boy, but he has his eye on a beautiful girl. Elisa knows her looks aren’t her strong suit. She takes comfort in the freedom of skating on the pond by her house. Will anyone see her for herself and just what’s on the outside?

Vera Wang by Katherine E. Krohn
Vera Wang skated competitively. When she failed to make the 1968 Olympic team, she turned to fashion. She also designed skating costumes for Michelle Kwan and Nancy Kerrigan.

Blades of Glory

Cutting Edge

Ice Princess

~ Jennifer Rummel, currently reading Vitro by Jessica Khoury

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