2014 Hub Reading Challenge Check-in #5

Hub Reading Challenge logoNot signed up for YALSA’s 2014 Hub Reading Challenge? Read the official rules and sign up on the original post. Anything you’ve read since February 3 counts, so sign up now!

How is everyone doing on their reading for the Hub Reading Challenge? Have you read or listened to anything that you wouldn’t have otherwise tried? Did you finally get around to a book that has been on your To-Be-Read list for ages? Have you loved any book from the list? Let us know in the comments. One of the most fun parts of the Hub Reading Challenge is always hearing about everyone’s experience with the books and seeing how different readers react to the books on the list.

I confess I have only read a couple of books for the challenge so far, so don’t feel intimidated if you haven’t started yet! There is still time! You have until 11:59PM EST on June 22nd to finish all 25 books. Just be sure to keep track of your progress. We’ll be posting these check-in posts each week so you can talk about the book(s) you read/listen to that week and share links to your reviews online. If you just can’t wait for our weekly posts, feel free to share your thoughts on social media using the #hubchallenge hashtag, or join the 2014 Hub Challenge group on Goodreads. You can see some of the social media conversation below.

If you have already completed the challenge by reading or listening to 25 titles from the list of eligible books, be sure to fill out the form below so we can send you your Challenge Finisher badge, get in touch to coordinate your reader’s response, and, perhaps best of all, to notify you if you win our exciting grand prize drawing! Be sure to use an email you check frequently and do not fill out this form until you have completed the challenge by reading 25 titles

39 thoughts on “2014 Hub Reading Challenge Check-in #5”

  1. I read Golden Boy and <The Lives of Tao this week, and finished six books that I needed to re-read since I had read them before the challenge. I now only have 16 more re-reads before I’ve conquered the challenge!

    I am blogging my reviews at: http://frenchizal.blogspot.com/

  2. I read Relish and Carter Finally Gets It this week.

    I forgot to check in last week since I was trying to finish Eleanor and Park. I also read Star Wars Jedi Academy.

    I’m behind on my blog posts, but you can find them at: minavilly.wordpress.com

  3. Since the last check in I finished 3, putting me at 14 total. A good pace for myself. I finished Midwinter Blood. I actually liked this more than I thought I would. I found myself wanting to know more about each time period and am so happy it concluded where it began. It was paranormal but not so much that I was reminded of it. I found it intriguing-I wanted to keep reading!

    Branded by the Pink Triangle was yet another view of the Holocaust. I found the writing to be less than average but the topic to be very informative. I had no idea that gay men went through the Holocaust like that.

    And the highlight of my week (and I wasn’t thankful to be home sick but I got to whip right through this book): All the Truth That’s in Me. OMG this book was AMAZING! I really don’t know what to follow it with. Judith is a very powerful character and the story just kept leading me along — rooting for her — until it was done. If you haven’t considered this book, please do so! If you like powerful characters and intriguing stories that will keep you interested, read this one!

    1. Thanks for your posting. I will definitely seek out All the Truth That’s in Me.

  4. yay! I just finished Golden Boy by Tara Sullivan and I’ve completed the challenge, but I’m not finished yet. My total last year was 56, so I’m going to try for 60 this year!

  5. This week I read book #10 – Dogs of War and am half way through listening to #11 – Zombie Baseball Beatdown (totally not what I was expecting!)

  6. A slow week for me but completed In the Shadow of Blackbirds (Morris finalist).

    So far, I think the most stunning book for me has been Scowler (Odyssey winner, I believe). It was more gruesome and brutal than I ever expected and so intense for the protagonist, and therefore, the reader.

    I hope to get to a couple of graphic novels and Chip Kidd’s book this coming week.


  7. Read Dogs of War, War Brothers, Mind MGMT, and all of Strobe Edge to finish up the Great Graphic Novels. Especially liked Dogs of War and Strobe Edge (though they are very different kinds of books).

  8. 4 books this week – total 35, I think, so far

    Far, Far, Away (4.5/5), Yaqui Delgado…Ass (2/5, & that’s being generous), Getting the Girl (3.5/5) & I am the Messenger (3/5). Am 1/2 way thru listening to Dodger. Will be the only audio book I do as I cannot get any of the others in this whole area.

    Far, Far Away was really good, but Yaqui Delgado was dreadful. Sorry, foul mouthed teens who bully, Hispanic or white or black or whatever, do not impress me. I didn’t feel that Yaqui (& her gang) was regretful at all & only received a slap on the wrist for her actions.

  9. To date, I’ve read All The Truth That’s in Me, Freakboy, If you Could Be Mine,March: Book 1, The Boy on the Wooden Box and Yaqui Delgado Wants to Kick You Ass. Freakboy was by far the best. I found it so compelling that I couldn’t put it down and awoke early the morning I’d started it to finish before school. All The Truth That’s in Me is a close second. Next on my list to read is Golden Boy and re-read Eleanor & Park.

  10. I only finished one this week, and I’m sorry to say, I was pretty disappointed.

    #7 – Carter Finally Gets It – I can see why this book is popular, particularly with boys. There were parts that were quite hilarious. As an adult (and I realize that teens might not share in this sensitivity) I simply could not get over that the protagonist, the underdog hero of the story, constantly used words like “gay” and “retarded” as adjectives. Realistic teen speech – yes. Respectable teen speech – no. That might just be my issue, but it was my issue nonetheless.

    Working on Beauty Queens and All the Truth That’s in Me, so hopefully I’ll have a lengthier and more positive posting next week.

  11. I am up to 9 books total. I just finished All the Truth That’s In Me and Far, Far Away. Although Far, Far Away took me a little while to get in to, I really like the last 3rd of the book and the ending making up for the slow start. All the Truth That’s In Me, on the other hand, never really captured me. I think that I just didn’t like the style of writing.

    I will be taking this week off to get some other reading done. We have author Tiffany Schmidt coming to our school in a few weeks to discuss her new book Bright Before Sunrise with our book club. So I want to make sure that I have that finished for our book club meeting.

  12. I hit a lot of the graphic novels this week. So far I’ve read Will and Whit, The Adventures of Superhero Girl, Dogs of War, and March Book One along with the Morris nominees. Coming along!

  13. 1st time I’ve finished 2 in one week!
    Relish, which I liked, but not sure I would have appreciated it back in high school. As someone who has gone through different experiences since high school, including living in Chicago and a few trips to New York, and now having a kid that I try to find foods that she’ll want to eat, I felt I could connect with it more.
    Will and Whit was the other read. Quick. Good teen topics. Really liked the artistic nature of the shadows .. telling a story as well, and then brought together.
    On to Strobe Edge .. trying to get the quicker graphic novel reads in as I wait for Midwinter Blood .. and am now intrigued to check out All the Truth that is in Me based on a review above.
    I think I have only completed 4 total, but I’m not giving up .. glad to be exposed to the books in our High School Media Center that the kids ask about when they check them out from me .. this challenge is a great way to help me transition into this new job and make the cross into the world of YA literature more readily.

    1. Just noticed you question back in week #2. MS = Middle School. Sorry, I work in a high school and use ES, MS & HS a lot

  14. Two more this week, bringing my total to 12. Enjoyed both, although they could not have been more different.

    Maggot Moon was bizarre, which isn’t an entirely bad thing. It took me a while to grasp the when and where.

    And this weekend I flew through Mother, Mother. Predictable in some ways, yes. But still compelling. It reminded me a little of Tom Perotta’s Little Children. Interesting story, well-written, but just hateful people (although Violet wasn’t so bad).

    Making my way through Navigating Early now. And there’s a whole stack of stuff waiting for me at the library.

  15. This week I read All the Truth That’s in Me, which was way different than what I expected because I misremembered a review of it that I read. I really enjoyed it! After a slow start I couldn’t stop reading! I did think that the pacing in the ending could have been better; it felt like the author was throwing in too many twists with not enough time to process them. Nonetheless, excellent book!

  16. This week I read Maggot Moon. I too had difficulties grasping when and where and I’m not sure if I liked it. I felt that way about Charm and Strange too, in both, I couldn’t quite decide if it was reality or something in the person’s head.

    I also read Saints and Imprisoned: The Betrayal of Japanese Americans during World War II this week, both of which I enjoyed. I read Saints last year, but liked it better this year.

    I’m still listening to Etiquette & Espionage. I really love audiobooks, but it takes me a long time to listen to them.

  17. Read this week:

    Federle–Better Nate Than Ever. Delightful. I’ve borrowed my boss’s advance review copy of the sequel!

    Kidd–Go: A Kidd’s Guide to Graphic Design. A beautiful guide to the basics of graphic design and why design is important.

    Shen–Nothing Can Possibly Go Wrong. Nice graphic novel.

    This brings my total to 16 books

  18. I missed last week, but that is okay, I did not finish anything for the challenge that week. This week, I did surpass 25. I read Brewster – which I did not care a lot for until the end, which I found incredibly powerful. I also finished listening to Dodger, which I read last year. I liked the audio even more than the book. I am about 75% finished with Proxy – which I like, I just started Yacqui Delagado and I am midway through Zombie Baseball – I am eternally grateful that this is only five disks long. I don’t like it, I don’t like the affectations in the voice of the reader. This is not a story geared toward a 60-year old woman – I am sure it is much better received by its target audience.

  19. Finished 3 this week, bringing me to 29:

    The Adventures of Superhero Girl 4/5
    Hold Me Closer, Necromancer 4/5
    Strobe Edge V.4 4/5

    Halfway through Fighting Ruben Wolfe and must be enjoying it, as I stayed up late last night reading to get through the first fight. Will have to see if spring break enhances or reduces my reading time.

  20. I read Maggot Moon (took me a while to realize what was going on), Courage Has No Color (great nonfiction with lots of enhancing photography), Nothing Can Possibly Go Wrong (fun graphic novel), and Two Boys Kissing (as sensitive and moving a book as only Levithan can write).
    Total to date: 12

  21. Last week I read Dogs of War, this week I am starting War Brothers, I thought I might stick with the theme, but it is definitely heavy reading. Onward and upward…

  22. Working my way through Will & Whit this week thinking about checking out Scowler next week.

  23. I finished volume 6 of Strobe Edge as well as All the Truth That’s in Me.

    I’m almost done with Out of the Easy which I’m really enjoying. I’m also about halfway through Zombie Baseball Beatdown which my five year old has really gotten into. I often listen to audiobooks in the car and this is the first one that he wants me to keep on! I know, I’m an awful mom, aren’t I? I know, bad mom!

    I’m chugging along and will hopefully finish this year! Up next I think I’m going to do Between Shades of Gray since I really like Out of the Easy.

  24. Is Fat Angie by e. E. Charlton-Trujillo on our list? It is a Stonewell Award and I thought I saw in earlier Check ins some people had read it for the challenge.

  25. Last week was a much better week for reading. I finished 4 books bringing my total to 11. Sadly, the last two weeks have not been good writing weeks. So I’m behind in reviews and updates.

    Maggot Moon: intense & bleak. Not a book I enjoyed, but definitely an excellent book and well worth reading. The illustrations are really disturbing.
    Killer of Enemies: I broke my rule of not re-reading books for the Challenge. My excuse is that I waited to long to write a review and needed to refresh my memory. But that really was just an excuse to re-read a book I enjoyed a lot.
    Star Wars Jedi Academy: A fun, quick read that will appeal to fans of Origami Yoda and Diary of a Wimpy Kid
    Etiquette & Espionage: I enjoyed reading this last year and really loved the audio! Now if I can only get my hands on the audio version of book 2.

  26. I have read about seven or eight titles so far. Rally enjoyed the nonfiction titles…IMPRISONED, and The NAZI HUNTERS. Eleanor & Park is my favorite fiction book so far, and Zusak’s I am the Messenger is a close second.

  27. Finished:
    Eleanor and Park audio
    Dodger audio
    Rose Under Fire

    Currently Reading:
    Belle Epoque

    I enjoy to the challenge because it has made me tackle my to-read list. I have liked everything I have read/listened to so far!

  28. This week I finished Scowler. This was a tough, intense and dark book but I really enjoyed it. I thought it was an incredible audiobook and Kirby Heyborne did an excellent job narrating.

    I also read The Universe Versus Alex Woods. I really enjoyed this book as well.

    I’m listening to Zombie Baseball Beatdown. I should finish in the next day or so. This is a pretty funny book and I laugh whenever I hear the word “zombie cows.”

    I’m reading Strobe Edge Vol. 6. And when that’s done I’ll be moving onto Golden Boy by Abigail Tarttelin. Two of my co-workers already read it and gave it rave reviews so I’m looking forward to this one.

    I’ve finished 26 books. My reviews are at Goodreads https://www.goodreads.com/user/show/1270547-samantha-tai

  29. A little behind this week – didn’t finish anything for the challenge as other books captured me. But, I’m listened to Scowler right now, and I have 8 (or 18, counting the Morris/Nonfiction) challenge done!

  30. Finished the audio book for Eleanor & Park and read Audrey, Wait! this week, bringing me to 3 titles completed so far. Loved them both! I’m currently working on Boxers and then Saints. I’m a lot behind some of you, but with just finishing my ePortfolio, that’s a whole lot more time for reading!

  31. I read the nonfiction book, The President Has Been Shot, listened to The Boy on the Wooden Box and Eleanor and Park, and re-read Swim the Fly bringing my total to 16 books.

  32. Lives of Tao was great fun, I loved the relationships between the various aliens and their hosts. Actually, all the relationships between individuals were very well fleshed out and believable. Really looking forward to seeing how this series pans out! The audiobook of Etiquette and Espionage was excellent, the narrator does a fantastic job. I’ll put the copy of the second one that I had on my to-be-read shelf back in the mix at the library, I’m going to be listening to book two instead!

    Given the state of my new-YA-book-extravaganza shelf, I’ll be taking a detour from the Challenge for a bit – too many new releases I’ve been dying for that won’t wait!

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