Jukebooks: Coda by Emma Trevayne

Coda Final CoverKaz_Coda-cvrIn Anthem’s world, music is a dangerous, addictive drug, produced by an ominous Corporation. The sound is coded to create a craving in the listener, a craving so strong that it can a person can literally overdose and die.  But Anthem develops a more personal relationship with music when he begins playing guitar with a band. Unsurprisingly, the powerful Corporation has no use for Anthem and his band. And that’s precisely why it’s important for Anthem to keep playing.

Emma Travayne was asked in an interview what sort of music Anthem and his band would be playing. Her reply, “Electro-industrial, the unofficial sponsor of cyberpunks everywhere.” I chose a familiar band, Nine Inch Nails, to represent the genre. Here they are, playing Head Like a Hole:

-Diane Colson, currently reading Dorothy Must Die by Danielle Paige