The Monday Poll: Bring ALL the tissues!

photo by flickr user xctmx
photo by flickr user xctmx

Good morning, Hub readers!

Last week, we asked you to choose the worst best friend in YA lit. Slytherins beware: Draco from the Harry Potter series by J.K. Rowling came in first with 29% of the vote. Next was Ali from Sara Shepard’s Pretty Little Liars series with 23%, followed by Shay from the Uglies series by Scott Westerfeld with 20% of the vote. But they’re all just misunderstood, right?! (Hmmmm…) In addition to your votes, reader Adele suggested Holly from Fiona Wood’s Wildlife. It comes out in September, so we’ll have to wait and see! You can see detailed results for all of our previous polls in the Polls Archive. Thanks to all of you who voted and commented!

This week, we have a simple- but actually very difficult- question for you. The movie trailer for If I Stay, based on Gayle Forman’s novel of the same name, was released last week, and between this movie and the theatrical release of The Fault in Our Stars, based on the John Green novel, it looks like this summer is going to be emotionally tough on us YA lit fans. We know both books are outstanding: If I Stay was named a Teens’ Top Ten pick in 2010 and The Fault in Our Stars was a Teens’ Top Ten pick in 2012. Based on the trailers, both movies based on these beloved books are shaping up to be amazing. So what we want to know is:  which movie is going to make you cry harder?

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