World Book Night 2014

WBN2014_logo_672x652This year for the first time, I will be a book giver for World Book Night, which is this evening! This worldwide effort celebrates reading and asks avid readers and book lovers to volunteer to hand out free books to people – the hope is that these book givers will hand the books to non-readers, people who do not have easy access to libraries, or people who may not be able to afford to buy books for themselves. The titles chosen range from middle grade to YA to adult titles; classics to contemporary works; poetry to nonfiction to fiction; English and Spanish; award winners to best-sellers. Book givers can choose which book they are passionate about and hand out 20 copies of them. The authors and publishers of these books have printed special paperback editions and are willing to go without royalties so that they can spread a love of reading and a communal passion for popular titles with everyone. The list is well developed, featuring a decent spread of genres, ethnic and racial diversity, and themes.

If this has you excited, be sure to bookmark the WBN website so you can sign up to be a giver next year. But in the meantime, you can join in the joy and passion by accompanying a friend who is giving out books or by reading one of the books on this year’s list. Here are some ways you can catch up on the YA titles that are on offer….

2014 YA Books for World Book Night:

Andrews’ and Wein’s books were part of last year’s Hub Reading Challenge. Check out a reader’s response to both books here. Or read the Hub’s interview with Wein. Chbosky’s book is often challenged; read an essay on why it’s worth reading here. Flanagan’s book is a good read for transitioning tween readers, as this Hub writer notes. If you’re a fan of Hiaasen, considered a master of humor for both adults and kids, read this genre guide to YA humor. Kim’s book might be considered New Adult more than YA – learn more about that proposed category here. Or if you’re in need of an introduction to graphic novels, try this list of books that will help you get your feet wet.

Kontis’ book is not a single fairy tale retelling. Learn about the fun of fairy tale mashups here. On the more serious side of things, Myers’ book is one of many trying to make conflict in the Middle East (and the U.S. involvement in it) accessible and understandable for teen writers. Learn about other contemporary stories of war in this post. Then you have Riggs, whose book integrates found photographs with prose inspired by it. Learn about other YA books that mix words and pictures outside of the comics format.

Are any of you handing out books tonight? Or have you done so in the past? What is your favorite thing about World Book Night?

–Hannah Gómez, currently reading The Blossoming Universe of Violet Diamond by Brenda Woods

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3 thoughts on “World Book Night 2014”

  1. I am giving away The Ranger’s Apprentice tonight. Actually, I have given away most of mine this morning before work since I will be here late. This is my third year as a Giver.

    My favorite Book Giver experience is the look on a persons face when they realize you are giving them this book to keep, free of charge and with no obligation. In our society where nothing comes without cost this is such a novel concept that it really does floor people. I LOVE TO BEING THE ONE WHO DOES IT! :)

  2. This is the third year I have participated. This year I handed out The Tipping Point, a non-fiction book which I hope some of the 9th grade class I chose will read. He’s not too technical and includes many well known and popular examples in his books.

    I would have loved to hand out Code Name Verity one of my favorite books, but few of our students are reading historical fiction these days.

  3. This was my first year as a giver. This is such as wonderful program. I choose The Hotel on the Corner of Bitter and Sweet and handed books out to homes for unwed teenagers and battered women. I look forward to participating next year.

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